Aluminum coil stretch wrapping machine and packing line

steel (Thailand). I ‘m looking for Plastic wrap machine for Hot rolled coil detail as below; Material               : Steel Width                    : 750-1600 mm Thickness Strip : 1.00 – 19.00 mm OD                          : Max. 2000 mm ID                            : 508, 610, 720 mm Weight per coil  : max […]

Automatic wire coiling and strapping machine The way to help you automatic weighing and coiling the wire. The machine includes automatic wire coil strapping machine.   Regarding pipe cutting part, it is divided into two steps: one step for rotational cutting of wire; one step for wire cutting. Regarding in cutting position,need manually fix the head and tail of the wire to make the roll safe,complete and tidy. Then press the control button to continue next step for packing. There is a detailed description in quotation. Any questions about it, please feel free to discuss with me anytime. Let us work together to […]

pallet inverter and pallet changing machine Fhope

The top manufacturer for the pallet inverter in China Our company  is a manufacturing and trading company in Medellin, Colombia, South America. Among our product lines we are distributting pallet inverter with pallet PET strapping and one of our customers, a particle Board and MDF factory, has asked us to […]

Visiting for the automatic coiler

Thank you for your welcome to visit your Kunshan factory for the automatic coiler Could you please pickup me from Kunshan Yizui Crown Hotel No. 216 Qianjinzhong Middle Road on Jul 27 2018 at 9:30-10:00 I shell travel from Taizhou to Kunshan on Jul 26 afternoon “ for information I […]

orbital stretch wrapers

Following are the orbital stretch wrappers for different size packaging requirement. Horizontal stretch wrapping machine E100 E200 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine E300 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine E400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine E500 horizontal wrapping machine&stretch wrapper E600 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine E1000 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine E1400 Horizontal stretch wrapping […]

the packaging development

Calloy Europe’s success Calloy Europe provides a calloy system for European customers to facilitate the company’s packaging development, to help the software spare parts needed to provide after-sales service, and directly to the world’s major semiconductor manufacturing areas to establish service centers to promote semiconductor technology product development and innovation, […]

Horizontal stretch wrapper and handling machine

Please check the drawing of the standard machine for 6m steel tube. The size of packing line for 9m: Width 7mm Length: 20m (Bundling + out feeding). After order confirmation, we will provide the detail drawing for checking before starting production. “Please recheck if your horizontal stretch wrapper machine have […]

Steel tube packaging line

  You can get more information for the steel tube packaging line from Chinese manufacturer.  Following are some well known company specicalize in steel tube packagign solution. The packaging solution including stretch wrapping machine, tube bundling machine, pipe wrapping machine, bundle strapping machine, pipe stacking machine… You can find the […]

Automatic pipe coiler and coiling machine

    More information:  Automatic pipe coiler and coiling machine   Automatic coiling and  strapping machine JL-CL200 6 Banding cycle Time up to  coil ejection discharging, full cycle ? —– 70-80sec. Extrusion line Automatic pipe feeding. Max line speed   requirement        100 m\min ? —–OK During changing coiling drums, is the feeding pip is tension […]

pallet wrapping machine from fhopepack

    More information: Auto: Just need pressing the “start” button, then the total wrapping process would be accomplished automatically since the PLC helps you to set the required program in advance. You can also re-set the wrapping program easily on operation panel.(USER’S MANUAL will give the details) JL2100-W Unmanned […]