Automatic pipe coiler and coiling machine


automatic pipe coiling machine


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Automatic coiling and  strapping machine JL-CL200
6 Banding cycle Time up to  coil ejection discharging, full cycle ?
—– 70-80sec.
Extrusion line Automatic pipe feeding. Max line speed   requirement        100 m\min ?


During changing coiling drums, is the feeding pip is tension and not losing falling on flor ?

—–In changing the coiling drums, the pipe will falling,since the pipe still extruding. So there is 3-5sec without tension.
Did you have any automatics machine for collecting & arrangement banded coils on a wooden pallets .
Collecting from… JL – CL200 ?

—-automatic pipe coiling machineYes, it needs two equipement: 1. coil down ender 2.coil stacker.