Coil packaging machine and wrapping



For more information about Chinese coil packaging line solution and wrapper

Included in the purchase price of every coil packing machine,we are providing after service fro installation and commission.There are providing list which includes coil wrapping machine, conveyor,stacking machine.It is PLC AND HMI CONTROL SYSTEM. This valuable coil packaging systme provides the information you need for successful operation of your machine. Machine include:

• user manual

• circuit diagram

• Machine picture and video

• Troubleshooting guide

• Main parts listing.
• Spare parts listing


There is CHinese Packaging Machinery Corporation was established in 1998. Fhope Packaging has been serving the Packaging Industry for over 16 years.  Coil packaging prides itself in the situation that thousands wrapping machines are designed for durability, flexibility and simplicity of operation.  These factors of machine is reliable and effective. And solution have contributed to the sales in excess of 50,000 machines throughout the steel industry package and it well received by market.



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