electro-pneumatic film control program

Axon, powered by Pro Mach, may have a built-in program for tamper evident music group programs presented at SupplySide Western 2014, October 8-9 in Vegas. The built-in method includes an EZ-100 applicator coupled with a Thermoray warmth tunnel. Axon can also be displaying the EZ-100’s fast changeover capabilities from tamper band to complete sleeve application as well as the general performance of EZ-100 applicators in both of these applications. (Axon Presentation space # 19146)

The EZ-100 arrives filled with an electro-pneumatic film manage program that permits quick and easy changeover to different box sizes and shapes without expensive tooling modifications – a perfect answer for businesses with multiple SKUs. The unique guillotine knife method slashes film measures accurately for any higher-top quality appearance. The EZ-100 arrives normal having an Allen-Bradley PLC and an easy-to-use operator interface for convenient operation.

The Thermoray shrink tunnel employs infrared home heating factors having an built-in lover to make certain even temperature distribution and uniform shrinkage. Powerful construction and very basic controls will give you numerous years of trouble-free of charge operation.

General, the EZ-100 and Thermoray blend is a solid tamper obvious solution within a lightweight footprint. Both machines have cantilevered support frames to enable them to simply be incorporated into existing orbital stretch wrapper packaging lines.

Verified style, handful of shifting components, and stainless-steel development guarantee these wrapping machines will be working for many years even during by far the most challenging conditions.

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