machine presents at Pack Expo 2014

introduces at Pack Expo 2014 December 2-5 in Chicago engineering changes that boost the throughput of its robotic MasterPal palletizing/de-palletizing program. Velocity increases are the result of continued expense in MasterPal, one of the speediest, and a lot versatile and unique, with regards to capabilities, automatic palletizing methods currently available. (Currie by Brenton Pack Expo Booth # N-5427).

The reengineered MasterPal features the same tough building it provides always got but with a considerable excess weight reduction. These technology adjustments greater MasterPal pace by up to 10 percent. The low excess weight end-of-left arm MasterPal tool implies that for a variety of applications the FANUC automatic left arm could be downsized for financial savings of up to 15 percent. Even before these improvements, MasterPal was one of the highest throughput robotic palletizing/de-palletizing systems available and now it is even faster. MasterPal is graded at up to 500 pounds of item for each coating and may de-palletize approximately five full tiers each minute of just about any sort of weight.

Not only does the MasterPal palletize and de-palletize full layers of bulk product and cases rather than rows, but also the layers of bulk orbital stretch wrapper packaging, principally PET containers, are more stable due to patented slatted-apron technology, which completely supports an entire layer of product from the bottom during loading and unloading. The MasterPal can palletize/de-palletize wide open or sealedtrays and cases, display packs, bundles, and mass products. As well as palletizing and de-palletizing, the MasterPal program also handles pallets, best caps, slip linens, and stretch wrapping.

At Pack Expo an active demo will demonstrate MasterPal palletizing and de-palletizing RSC situations and shrink twisted trays on the very same pallet. While one particular covering of cases or trays builds up, the other covering is loaded to the pallet, producing changing tiers of RSC instances and shrink twisted trays. This alternating line strategy boosts palletizing performance. The restricted-grid features from the MasterPal is going to be exhibited through the switching levels of RSC situations and shrink twisted containers.

“We are continually investing in MasterPal improvement,” stated Jason Bennett, Product Series Director, Currie by Brenton. “This shows inside the all round price/efficiency from the method as well as in its visible physical appearance. One look shows a potential client that this is a dependable, high quality automatic method. No competitors even compare to MasterPal.”

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