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Calloy Europe’s success

Calloy Europe provides a calloy system for European customers to facilitate the company’s packaging development, to help the software spare parts needed to provide after-sales service, and directly to the world’s major semiconductor manufacturing areas to establish service centers to promote semiconductor technology product development and innovation, so that Calloy Europe European market to develop new products play a leading role. From the product design, development, production and other stages, we can fully support the packaging development. Calloy has always been adhering to the flexible management philosophy, continuous innovation, in order to meet the various requirements of European customers. With the advancement of the semiconductor industry, Calloy Europe advancing with the times, the use of “high knowledge and technology” to meet the needs of equipment manufacturers on the advanced needs of intelligent ideas, through unlimited creativity, leading the European market semiconductor industry development. Calloy’s success is closely related to our partners, and our success is closely related to the success of our partners, maintaining the stability of our customer relationships based on different levels of partners, and constantly adjusting to meet the highest requirements of our customers. As a result, after-sales service and support is also a prerequisite for rapid response and delivery, and European customers exceed delivery and installation of delivery equipment.

We believe that through the ultra-precision mold manufacturing by cultivating the “mold technology” is the company’s core strengths.

Return to this origin, we will focus on business resources to the core areas where the business areas, to seek the best QCD (Quality Quality Cost Delivery Delivery), the establishment of the profit system.

In addition, we focus on the future of semiconductor packaging technology to the “ultra-thin type of high-density multi-layer” of the development trend, will be committed to leading the market demand for research and development, production and sales strategy as one of the overall solutions.


Horizontal stretch wrapper and handling machine

Please check the drawing of the standard machine for 6m steel tube.

The size of packing line for 9m: Width 7mm Length: 20m (Bundling + out feeding).

After order confirmation, we will provide the detail drawing for checking before starting production.

“Please recheck if your horizontal stretch wrapper machine have Loading chain/Handling and Storage Section, as I don’t see it on your drawing.”

It is an optional part, so it is not in the standard drawing. It was included in the “proposal 2” quotation
—-It is in the quotation.



From: Pham Manh Hung
Date: 2017-03-15 18:44
To: info
CC: duan.pvt.hsg; manager
Dear Mr. Vincent,

Please send back the machine layout drawing in detail, please be noted to show us the sizes (length x width x height), as well as views from front and side perspective, and name every important part/module of the machine in English.

Please recheck if your machine have Loading chain/Handling and Storage Section, as I don’t see it on your drawing.

Deadline: 10:00 GMT+8 March 16th 2017.

stretch film for orbital wrapper  conveyor of orbital wrap machine

      Different size machine                             Different packing material                              Different conveyor


film carriage of orbital stretch wrap machine

Steel tube packaging line


You can get more information for the steel tube packaging line from Chinese manufacturer.  Following are some well known company specicalize in steel tube packagign solution.

The packaging solution including stretch wrapping machine, tube bundling machine, pipe wrapping machine, bundle strapping machine, pipe stacking machine… You can find the all requirement per your specification.

The video attached is the one manufacutrer: Fhopepack one of leading in this field.


Vidoe provided by

Automatic pipe coiler and coiling machine


automatic pipe coiling machine


More information:  Automatic pipe coiler and coiling machine


Automatic coiling and  strapping machine JL-CL200
6 Banding cycle Time up to  coil ejection discharging, full cycle ?
—– 70-80sec.
Extrusion line Automatic pipe feeding. Max line speed   requirement        100 m\min ?


During changing coiling drums, is the feeding pip is tension and not losing falling on flor ?

—–In changing the coiling drums, the pipe will falling,since the pipe still extruding. So there is 3-5sec without tension.
Did you have any automatics machine for collecting & arrangement banded coils on a wooden pallets .
Collecting from… JL – CL200 ?

—-automatic pipe coiling machineYes, it needs two equipement: 1. coil down ender 2.coil stacker.

pallet wrapping machine from fhopepack


pallet wrapping machine&stretch wrapper;
pallet wrapping machine&stretch wrapper;


More information:

Auto: Just need pressing the “start” button, then the total wrapping process would be accomplished automatically since the PLC helps you to set the required program in advance. You can also re-set the wrapping program easily on operation panel.(USER’S MANUAL will give the details)

  1. JL2100-W

Unmanned working mode, all steps include loading, feeding film, wrapping, cutting, unloading.


  1. JL2100-X

Unmanned working mode, all steps include loading, feeding film, wrapping, cutting, unloading.


particular craft fair forpacking

I had these speakers install in my 2010 Ford F150. (the packing machine factory speakers,”just weren’t doing the job for me.”) The highs, midrange, and low are perfect. I would recommend these for replacement speakers over the factory speakers that came with my truck.

3) Check the local newspaper for upcoming local craft fairs. Most craft fairs require each seller to pay a daily fee for their booth or table. Many are set up in malls and other stores so you won’t be out in the cold. Book the table as far in advance as you can, since craft fairs fill up rapidly. Before committing to the booth, talk to other local crafters to see if they’ve ever been involved with that particular craft fair. Some craft fairs have a reputation from previous years for having prices that are entirely too high, therefore, poor sales. If previous shoppers thought prices were too high to shop last year, they won’t bother to drop by this year.

If you will be moving your major appliances, be sure that they are disconnected both from the electricity and if necessary from the water. Make sure that they are clean and dry. Be sure that refrigerators and freezers are defrosted. All electoral wires and any kind of hoses should be secured in a way that they can not be damaged. If you have any electronics or even a television, make sure it is properly packed and all cables and wires are in the box so that you will be easily able to set them up quickly and easily.

There are many handheld and stand alone heat bag sealers that are designed to quickly seal bags. Different models are capable of sealing different size bags. They can be used to seal a variety of bags for food and other products. Impulse heat sealers include both hand held and countertop models, depending on the volume being sealed.

After a few experiments with this great material, it was discovered that the foam would shrink in the oven kind of like wrapping machine plastic. And to think, you don’t have to pay the extra for the product.

Have you ever considered making your own pendants? How about making a broche? Need a great gift idea for granny? Does she like jewelry? Well, how about making her something.

The wires need to be pre-tinned which mean you need to strip off a quarter inch of the protective plastic film wiring sheath, use the flux to clean them – apply the flux liberally – heat your solder gun and then heat the wire and flow the solder into the wire until thoroughly saturated. You’ll also want solder on the batteries so the solder will act as the connector with the battery.

For more information, tips and techniques, including how to set up a photo studio on a shoe-string budget, check out Easy Auction Photography by Cindy Shebley.

coil wrapping machine and coil packaging machine

coil packing machine, coil wrapping machine

From Chinese manufacturer , there are lot of coil packaging solution for difference packaging goal.


The coil packaging machine.

SHJLPACK Packaging Equipment

SHJLPACK packaging equipment is really a company that mixes the expertise, financial assets and global service achieve of packaging equipment .It use the extensive packaging experience with steel rolls rotary coil tilter equipment. Our common goal would be to supply the greatest quality packaging equipment most abundant in reliable service at huge discounts .We have gained their reputations in the market and both bring valuable assets and tools for this new commitment.


SHJLPACK Company is among the biggest sellers of new steel coil wrapping machine process equipment .Throughout their 17 year history, they’ve established a worldwide status of excellence. Inventory consists of greater than 2,500 products available as well as their simple to navigate website provides clients with complete explanations, multiple images, and also the quickest estimating reactions in the market. Steel coil packing machine is the premier dealer of used packaging equipment together with of producing facilities, and provided of packaging equipment methods to his clients. This skill experiences and special area together with various choice of inventory, puts packaging equipment inside a unique position for everyone our customers’ machinery needs.



Packaging machine at expo

Few are as crucial as


Small is way better: One of many newest methods from inspection expert coil wrapping packing machine Toledo is definitely the X36 by-ray inspection system, which uses a lot more sensitive x-ray sensors make it possible for comprehensive inspections with decrease potential

inspection systems that can ensure packaged product integrity, safety and quality, though packagers need to stay on the lookout for new packaging machinery technologies across many segments. We current types of two the latest innovations in this particular packaging machinery section that will be purchased at the 1st-at any time Pack Expo East convention working Feb. 16-18 in Philadelphia. X-ray generators. This reduction in power and cooling specifications results in a a lot more lightweight program that could far better go with restricted spots on manufacturing lines.

Also presented is MT’s User profile Advantage, a fresh and different superior metallic-detection system manufactured to inspect great-dampness things which include food products for example meats and cheeses.

Pack Expo Eastern Sales space #1002

Increased-accuracy and reliability close off evaluation: DIR Technologies’ discovery Induction Dependability Verification Process (I2VS) leverages top quality thermal imaging to offer great-rate, noncontact induction closing sincerity assessment by way of package caps. The vendor also has developed the Sachet Whole Monitoring Process (SFM) to offer 100% in-line evaluation of sachets and pouches. The SFM is provided integrated in Mediseal solutions. The DIR methods are either utilized or in trials on packaging lines for a lot of top pharmaceutic packaging businesses.

Initially produced for military services shield methods, the process is now being carried out properly for pharmaceutic packaging operations. Bob Hartwig will lecture about the technological innovation at Pack Expo Eastern on Tues., Feb. 17 from 11: 00AM-12: 00 midday.

Service available

Our full services include but not limited:2015-01-14 14:59:04D5

1)Custom product development

2)2D/3D concept models & products design and drawing

3)Rapid prototype and mass production

4)Mold testing and Mold analysis

5)CNC machining and complex surface machining

There are some reasons that why so many companies choose Bebon Mould:

1)Powerful engineering team: they all are experienced in exporting molds and skilled in the mold standard of HASCO, DME, and LKM.

2)Equipped all kinds of advanced devices CNC machines, EDM machines and injection machine, and latest software, such as UG, PRO-E, and CAD and so on. With them, we can shorten the design time and improve working efficiency.

No matter what industries you are and what needs you are, we can meet all your manufacturing needs and complete solutions.

Hydraulic in machine

What are proportional valves? Exactly what are some advantages in water-power circuits? How do they run? Exactly what is a little proportional management valve? What capabilities do MPCVs carry out?

Fhopepack coil packaging machine

Obtain the FAQs of Small Proportional Valves sponsored by Humphrey to get the solutions to these questions and much more.

Mobile phone and business gear suppliers, along with their clients, are rapidly embracing a whole new class of digital regulates for open up-circuit, method-stress piston pumping systems like the Parker P1/PD Range. These kinds of circuits tend to be utilized in which the hydraulics need to execute multiple task on a single machine. A backhoe having a loader using one side and excavator on the other is an excellent instance. As opposed to relying on a bank of valves to handle hydraulic strength, all the management can now be dealt with by software program.

Nordson EFD’s white-colored papers “Improving Preciseness Coating Processes with Lower Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) Technology” reveals how LVLP technologies offers suppliers an accurate, inexpensive coating approach which will boost produces, decrease product costs and boost procedure control.

Nordson EFD’s paper explains how to maintain constant photo dimension in time-strain dispensing procedures as the fluid volume and viscosity of liquid staying in the syringe transform. Consistent strain pulses can lead to consistent water flow, which, in turn, will guarantee steady liquid deposits.

The Pico xMod is really a piezo-actuated dispensing valve for precision applications. Typical makes use of consist of dispensing drinks in tough-to-entry places, on to unequal or delicate substrates at substantial manufacturing rates of speed, along with extreme accuracy and reliability.

Maximum dispensing frequency is 500 Hz, and minimal dispensing time for a whole cerebrovascular event (close and open) is 200 microsec. It deals with medium sized to substantial-viscosity essential fluids, fluid stress to 75 bar, the size in the standard nozzle varies from 50 to 600 microns. Inspection period for the sealing seating is roughly ten million cycles; and 500 million periods for that piezo car owner. The device actions only 86 x 17 by 52 millimeters and weighs approximately 320 gm.

Above hydraulic system is for Fhopepack coil packaging machine, upender, tilter, and stretch wrapping machine.