Slit Coil creating and steel tube packing machine

stainless steel coil reducing machine manufacturing line is substantial-velocity and exact with work stations for straightening, uncoiling and measuring go across-cutting to size and folding. The automatic steel tube packing machine includes feeding truck, assisting assistance, decoiler, hydraulic shear, leveler, stop obstruct, encoder level, dish shearing machine, promoting desk, pneumatic stacker, production trolley, hydraulic system and so forth. The entire line is managed by PLC with pc display. We mainly utilize pc-manage program of manufacturers Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Baumueller and Delta and Schneider. The fullness for materials can be from .2MM to 25MM, size from 600MM to 2500MM, load bodyweight above 25T, cutting accuracy .5MM/M, line pace 60M/Min. We can also add functions such as collecting and coating according to customer’s need. This line is extremely automatic with great straightening effect, précising slicing, efficient manufacturing, trustworthy overall performance, easy maintenance and operation. To be able to meet various demands.

Reduce To Durationautomatic steel tube packing Lines can do uncoiling, leveling and measuring go across-slicing to length and stacking function. It mostly consists ofuncoiler and leveler, calculating encoder, stacker, shearer and conveyor hydraulic program, pneumatic program and electrical program, and so on., the line can be sure of precise providing and shearing. It could be popular in cold or warm moving co2 metallic, tinplate, stainless steel and the rest of the kinds of metallic materials with area layer.Cut to length line is controlled by NC servo method. It offers PLC managed the duration dimension. The details of length, shearing figures and speed could be input towards the PLC techniques. If the require shearing number is achieved the line can stop immediately. The line pace could be altered, It possesses a encoder with higher preciseness, and whole line can also work immediately and run easily, clean sheet can be produced.