rear upending hydrocylinder plus a back turning in steel coil rotation

Body 4 is actually a schematic diagram from the application design Magnet dinner table. Shape: l. Basic 2. Hinge axis 21. Hinge help, 3. Flick board, 31. Change coupling tire 32. Hinge coupling mind, 4. Chain, 41. Turning engine 42 generate sprocket, 43 Changeover sprocket 44. tensioning sprockets, 5. Magnetic desk, 51. magnet chuck, 52. intermediate shaft 53. stopper, 6 spinning shaft 61 pushed equipment 62. effort Items, 63. rotary motor unit, 7. telescopic deal with. DETAILED Information The next good examples and also the associated drawings, the current utility model technical solutions to further more distinct recommendations. Shape l, 2, proven in Physique 3, the utility model of a multifunctional mechanized feeder molds transform, makes up basics 1, a hinge shaft 2, converting platter 3, the chain 4, magnetic dinner table 5, the rotary shaft 6, telescopic cover 7, the foundation 1 designed with transforming motor 41, a anxiety sprocket 44, sequence 43 transitions, turning electric motor 41 is supplied with a generate sprocket 42; said hinge shaft 2 with the about three hinge assistance 21 1 is resolved to the base; dish 3 from the transforming of the switching tires 31 as well as the two linking hinge coupling go 32 is hinged for the hinge shaft 2, as well as the hinge shaft 2 with the aid of sliding guideline sleeve, a switching dish 3 rotating electric powered machine 54 the spinning power machine 54 is supplied with a pinion equipment 53; the chain 4 as well as the push sprocket 42, the cross over 43 and the tension sprocket 44 a sequence engaging the chain 4 finishes had been hinged towards the stops of the initial flick coupling wheel 31, and is also situated Turn coupling wheel 31 across the arc, switching plate 3 by converting the sequence 4 to operate a vehicle tire 31 in conjunction with the hinge shaft 2, from to 90 ?? change; stated magnet desk 5 is in addition to the rotary shaft 6; said rotary shaft 6 by one particular pair of moving bearings in converting platter 3, the rotary shaft 6 is provided by using a powered items 61, the pushed items 61 meshed together with the traveling items 62, the electrical electric motor 63 pushed with a rotary push products 62, the pushed items 61, the rotary shaft 6 as well as a magnetic Table 5 when it comes to flick dish 3 – 360 levels rotation from; stated telescopic deal with 6 repaired towards the bottom platter andflip and flip, turn above once the dish 3 – onwards for stress and pressure motion; provided with the basic electric powered manage pack, management package designed with remote control-management functioning manage. Demonstrated in Body 4, explained magnetic dinner table 5 has a plurality of magnet chuck 51 and the stopper prevent 53, the magnet chuck 51 by means of numerous intermediate shaft 52 is combined to one another, magnet chuck 51 referenced patent “rotating central and forward polarity permanent magnet assembly hybrid product.” When you need to adsorption fixed workpiece, simply turn a particular position on the intermediate shaft 52, the same time taking off the workpiece is likewise just turn it returning to its initial reliable, safe and position operations.

upender by having an excellent explanation for steel coil packing

According to the present utility model exemplary embodiments [0020] The following detailed description with reference to the accompanying drawings. In order to more concise specification is omitted on substantially the same part of the redundant description, here, note that, in the drawings, the same reference numerals will be given substantially the same configurations and functions of components, and.

[0021] Figure 1, Shape 2 and Shape 3, your vehicle upender change aspect structure repair welding machine incorporates a foundation I, I said bottom 7 is placed on the chassis, the chassis 7 is mounted in the generate motor 2, The power of the travel motor unit 2 is attached to productivity terminal of your transmission changing system, stated switching indicates incorporates a drive electric motor 2, explained potential output terminal coupled to the push transmitting 3, the power transmission 3 is connected to productivity terminal in the drive worm gear Worm gear push implies, mentioned worm equipment and stated transmitting gear indicates consists of an electrical output terminal 3 associated with a worm products 41, the worm products 41 meshes with worm products 42, the worm items 42 presented about the energy result shaft 43, explained power result shaft 43 is placed on a up and down stretching to either side from the turn arm 5, the transforming arm 5 has two packages aside frame in to the golf hole of your area body strut 6, the side framework help lever 6 is attached to the strut to the side body 6 of your locking arm 5 in explained change side frame strut in the locking indicates, mentioned part body strut comprises locking indicates disposed inside the area frame strut 5 and 6 from the flick arm 61 involving the sealing fingers tire; a couple of the side facing the inside of framework strut 6 is also a aspect frame securing means, explained side frame installed on said securing means consists of 6 part framework strut locking attach 62, the securing screw 62 stretching from the part framework strut 6.

[0022] The shape of the side frame structure of the vehicle upender shown in Figure 4, has a rectangular central portion of the side frame side frame hole, the side frame can be supported on the side frame strut hole 6, the supporting position of the vehicle upender side frame; Figures 2 and shown in Figure 3, according to the size of the side frame side frame strut 6 adjust the position of the handwheel to make ends handwheel screw extrusion on the flip arm 5 to reach the side frame strut 6 positioning purposes , the workpiece placed on the side frame strut 6, so that the two opposed side frame strut 6 set against the outside of the side frame extrusion through a rectangular area of ? ?both the opposing ends, firm up the locking attach 62, the locking the attach 62 for the extrusion conclusion from the part frame from the internal aspect framework, along side it structure located on the side framework strut stay away from moving on 6; start the drive motor 2, the travel motor unit 2 using a pulley and belt power transmitting 3 is transported towards the , the energy production of the transmitting 3 via a belt and pulley drive relationship with the worm 41, the strength transmission 3 connected to the productivity is small compared to the size from the pulley of your worm 41 is connected with the diameter of your pulley, so the transmission potential productivity 3 at the end of your rotational rate passed on for the worm equipment 41, worm 41 transfers capacity to the worm wheel 42, the worm gear 42 to operate rotation of the strength productivity shaft 43, the ability result shaft 43 to get flick arm 5 rotates, change horizontal left arm 5 is driven by rotation in the side structure strut 6 , aspect frame strut 6 powered area frame rotation, the flexibility and freedom to adjust to obtain the reason for along side it frame; This energy enables the flip part frame 360 ? ?levels of liberty, to meet the requirements welding maintenance, boost the quality and efficiency of welding fix to ensure the job individual security, making sizeable economical positive aspects.

upender with the outstanding outline for coil

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1 flick motor vehicle upender repair welding machine part structure, incorporates a basic, recognized in that: explained basic is installed on the chassis, the chassis installing a generate motor, the generate engine is linked to an electric power production terminal in the drive transmission, The output of the transmission energy degree of the energy production shaft is supplied, mentioned power productivity shaft is mounted on the two comes to an end of straight change horizontal arm, the switching left arm of your cross has two offers to the side into the pit from the side support frames frame strut, mentioned strut is mounted on one side structure to the side body strut securing left arm in mentioned flip area structure strut transverse locking system, two of mentioned aspect structure is supplied with a area strut body locking device.

(2) as professed in assert 1, wherein the automobile upender-side welding maintenance flick body, described for the reason that: stated transmitting implies includes strength in the generate electric motor is drivingly linked to the gearbox production, the output terminal of mentioned power transmission gearbox associated with a worm items generate.

According to claim 2, wherein said welding repair flip side frame, characterized in that, 3, such as a vehicle upender: mentioned worm products and said transmitting products signifies consists of a power output terminal attached to a worm generate, the worm equipment meshes together with the worm .

4 as stated in assert 1, wherein your vehicle upender-area welding fix change structure, recognized in that: said part framework strut consists of sealing implies disposed within the part framework strut and involving mentioned locking arm flip handwheel.

5 as claimed in declare 2, 3 or 4, whereby the car upender-side flip repair welding structure, characterized for the reason that: mentioned sealing indicates makes up area structure mounted on the side structure as well as the aspect body strut hole corresponding sealing screw.

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upender an ideal embodiment of the clamping

[0005] The current upender is actually a turning body, can be two, or higher than two.

[0006] The current upender is really a clamping system around the rotary entire body, when doing work along with the rotation in the revolving physique.

[0007] The present upender also makes up weightlifting method for lifting implies created with the raising trolley, the trolley is equipped with raising keep track of.

[0008] The current upender can be a revolving entire body by way of a electric motor via a chain push, or by way of gears, other, belts and steel transmission indicates.

[0009] The current upender a preferred embodiment of the clamping device is to take straight clamping for guide clamping, the clamping system are found in the


[0010] The current upender has the main benefit of modest size; efficiency, generation planning time is quick; trustworthiness is higher, as they are the band framework, the worries express is very good, small movements, simple routine maintenance; no main quality of mobile phones very easy to achieve good control; stability is useful, your body flanked by an annular structure is just not because of structural failing caused by our bodies for personal injuries; from the alteration of the travel system may be completely unique, the initial manufacturing line with out main alterations, affordable; allows on-line inversion.


[0011] These associated embodiments and drawings of the present upender will probably be further detailed. [0012] Shape 1 is really a schematic structural view of the current upender. [0013] Figure 2 can be a kept side view of Physique 1.

The upender consists of a lifting device

[0002] In the assembly line in the production of railwayoverhaul and wagons, you must turn on the car to shift position, to achieve optimum welding position, ensure the welding quality, it can neither interrupt the production lines have to maintain high production efficiency , but also to use the existing rails application metronomic means of transportation. In the gondola, other and boxcar vehicle upenders from the generation approach is no good method to attain. The majority of the production units to take frame flipping machine to complete displacement, according to traditional methods. This type of structure-sort change machine have to first up grade your body, our bodies subsequent bogie out only after operations is done, then your van in the body shipped out, in addition, the whole large, hugemass and inertia, is not easy to great handle and balance is very poor. [0003] Oriental Patent No. 200520020276.2 discloses a patent papers will not be off of, through a sequence transmission tipper van entire body, which uses a chain turn gantry framework function, the motor unit provided within the top a part of gantry structure, which While the framework

However, the form is not complicated, the structure is relatively simple, but since the body is the use of a chain to be subject to flip, poor stability, and that the actual operation, must be below the vehicle upender body move away bogie, more complicated.


[0004] The current upender handles the difficulties of the prior art, there is provided a brand of the pipeline functioning on the reversing system, the actual practical scheme is reversing mechanism by the clamp implies, revolving implies, the help gadgets and other factors, in which the rotating implies formed from the motor and the rotator, the rotator is created band, can go through the rotor physique, to obtain a web-based functioning, will not modify the conduct of the process.

The upender makes up clamping units for steel coil turning

[0013] I holder on top of the stacker tire 6 has extended to the side of the discharge baffle 14, the back rack I attached hands grasp 15, rear holder I set up a power change 16.

The innovation discloses an automatic upender comprising a motor (1), a chain tire (2), a traveling tire (3), a set rack (4), a turning rack (5), curler shelves (6), rollers (7), a powered wheel (8) and a rotating wheel (9), in which the sequence wheel (2) is set up involving an result shaft of your motor (1) along with a spinning shaft of your driving a vehicle wheel (3) and is employed for transferring minute production by the motor unit (1) for the traveling tire (3) to be able to push the driving a car wheel (3) to rotate; the revolving carrier (5) is rotatably arranged on the repaired holder (4) from the traveling tire (3), the driven wheel (8) and also the revolving wheel (9); the driving a vehicle wheel (3) rotates in order to travel the turning rack (5) to turn fairly to the set rack (4); no less than two curler racks (6) are set on the revolving carrier (5); along with a plurality of rollers (7) are set up around the curler shelves (6). The automatic upender has a simple structure, upending work stability and high moment transmission reliability; and an upending angle can be controlled according to actual requirements.

Statements(6) translated from China

1 A computerized upender machine, comprising a motor ¢?, sprocket ¢?, the traveling tire (3), fixed structure ¢è, turn the framework (5), the wheel structure (6), rollers (7), pushed tire (8) along with the rotational wheel (9), wherein the sprocket mounted on the electric motor ¢? ¢? result shaft along with the axis of rotation of your generate wheel ¢? among ¢? for that motor torque is passed on towards the production shaft (3) pushed with the driving a car wheel (3) rotation; revolving framework (5) by a travel tire (3), a driven tire (8) along with the rotational wheel (10) rotatably placed on the set structure (4), the traveling wheel (3) is rotated to make drive rack (5) in accordance with the fixed structure (4) for rotational motion; the spinning frame (5) has at the very least two rollers resolved shelves ?é), the roller structure (6) mounted on a plurality of Curler ¢?.

(2) as claimed in claim I wherein the automatic upender machine, described for the reason that the drive wheel (3), a powered tire (8) are positioned to the external periphery of your first toothed framework, the spinning framework (5) of your exterior periphery two teeth composition, the 1st construction along with the secondly tooth composition teeth engagement.

3 as reported in assert 2, whereby the automatic upender machine, distinguished in this the push tire (3), a pushed wheel (8) fitted from the rotating framework (5) underneath the turning tire (9) attached in the revolving body ( 5) above.

4 as professed in claim anyone of boasts I to 3, the automatic upender machine, distinguished for the reason that the turning frame (5) is fixed on two curler frame ?é), two roller body (6) symmetrically organized .

5 as professed in assert 4, wherein the automatic upender machine, in which a plurality of rollers (7) in the roller body (6) was organized in at the very least two rows, as well as the rollers (7) within a comparable placement in every row.

The upender makes up clamping units for turning

[0010] The upender has the advantage of small dimensions; efficiency, creation preparing time is quick; stability is great, as is the engagement ring construction, the anxiety express is excellent, small activity, simple upkeep; no key top quality of cellular devices easy to accomplish great manage; protection is good, the entire body surrounded by an annular construction is just not on account of structural malfunction brought on by the body for private damage; throughout the change of the drive process can be completely initial, the first production collection without key modifications, low priced; will allow on-line inversion.


[0011] These accompanying drawings and embodiments in the upender will be additional described. [0012] Physique 1 is really a schematic architectural look at the upender. [0013] Body 2 is actually a kept aspect view of Shape 1.

3 embodiment

[0014] Body 1 reveals a schematic prohibit diagram of the upender, Figure 2 reveals a kept part take a look at Body 1. The upender device displayed within the embodiment through the spinning physique 1, the sprocket 2, the electrical motor 5, the side assistance 6, the foot of the support 7, the lifting trolley 8, the clamp 10, the clamp 11, in which a sequence 2 is set towards the turning body 1 , the lower jig 10 along with the clamp 11 is repaired towards the inside the revolving physique 1, the project, to turn along with the spinning body. 6 and a bottom part aspect support struts 7 to supply assist for that rotating entire body 1. Weightlifting trolley 8 is set up higher than the keep track of 9.

[0015] operate, it will likely be by using a bogie several spaces 3 while using unique device drive the elevate station and left the auto 8, lift the vehicle 8 bogie carriages 3 and 4 give rise to the clamping position, with Up coming fixture 10 along with the upper clamping fixture 11 compartments 3, forklifts 8 down 3 and bogie several independent pockets, and converted the automobile framework 4 8 tumbles straight down, with the picking up trolley 8 droplets underneath the soil, activate the carriage 3 is transformed position, full the corresponding work, will workout a few change back in spot, weightlifting up the automobile 8, bogie several take on carriage 3, loosen the clamp about the lower clamp 10 and ll, forklifts 8 Reset release pocket 3. [0016] Within the upender, an accumulation two revolving physique, the motor unit employing a electric motor may also be used two, correspondingly, to deliver energy for every single rotating entire body, the long fellow member, the volume of the turning body may be 2 or more. In the upender, is used between the motor and the rotating sprocket body, but also for gears, other, steel and belts transmission mode.

handling of steel coil upender in China

16. A upender machine of your figure described comprising in mixture, some arms among which a write-up being managed is gripped, a gripper ivoted to every of explained hands, stated grippers sing out designed to take part the exact opposite ends of said write-up, potential pushed mechanism for moving mentioned forearms toward and from one another and for raising and lowering explained arms, stated mechanism bein permanent within the body weight of stated artic e, as well as an vehicle vehicle which mentioned arms and mechanism are mounted. j

17. A upender machine of the character described comprising, in blend, a couple of grippers fitted to engage reverse aspects of any article, a pair of hands on the comes to an end that the specific grippers are ivotally installed, a shaft having opposite y threaded parts on which said hands are installed, said hands experiencing inside threaded components to participate correspondingly with the threaded servings of said shaft, a worm tire fast on mentioned shaft, a worm meshing with said worm wheel, a shaft on which stated worm is mounted, bearin s helping stated worm shaft towards ra ial and endwisemovement, strength motivated device for rotating stated worm shaft in both course, plus an auto truck where mentioned bearings and mechanism are installed.

In testimony whereof I have got approved my brand to this particular specs.

energy product of hydraulic upender

v hile I actually have herein described and shown the ideal embodiment of the upender in which I am just presently aware, it will probably be comprehended that it embodiment may be changed in several facts with out departing from the mindset or range of the upender. It will likely be obvious to anyone skilled from the art how the threads might be diverse to match the requirements in the work.

Exactly what is professed as new is:

1. A,upender machine for handling big moves of paper comprising, in blend, a car van, and means installed on said van for increasing one among explained rolls into an upright raised position and supporting the roll in mentioned position even though it is transferred.

2. A upender machine for managing huge rolls of papers comprising, in combo, a van, signifies placed on said pickup truck for grasping a horizontal roll of pieces of paper by reverse aspects thereof, increasing said roll, and quickly tipping the roll into a vertical place in the elevating thereof.

3. A upender machine for handling sizeable moves of document comprising, in mixture, concave grippersto interact with complete opposite sides of a single of and supporting and operating ward each other to grasp a roll and also to elevate them when mentioned activity is arrested through the compression from the roll.

energy design pertains to an coil upender

These hands are of really hefty, durable construction, as demonstrated from the drawings, and the finish servings of these biceps and triceps opposing the grippers are inside threaded to receive oppositely threaded people 12 and 10 repaired safely with a shaft 13 which is installed in ideal proceedings within the body associates 14. This construction permits the forearms 7 and 6 to go toward and from one another when the shaft 13 is rotated, the path on this motion based upon,.obviously, with the course of rotation of the shaft, plus it enables the forearms to golf swing upward and downward comparatively to the shaft 13. Generally, due to way where the forearms are fitted, they sleep with a bar 15 that connects the opposite body people 14. So as to make the forearms golf swing in unison, they may be supplied with upwardly increasing projections 16 and 17 respectively, Fig. 2, that are drilled horizontally to get an extended pub 18.

To the urpose of spinning the shaft 13, a worm w eel 20 is mounted quick thereon and meshes having a worm 21 keyed to a shaft 22 reinforced in bearings 24 and 23, respectively, inside the body 14. This shaft lies be very low as well as at appropriate perspectives towards the shaft 13 and possesses secured quick thereto a worm tire 25 meshin with a worm 26 speedy on the shaft 27 which can be driven by an electric powered motor unit 28.

This whole apparatus is attached to. an auto van 30 which may be of an suitable kind. That proven is of your e ectrically dr ven type a lot employed in train stat warehouses, ons and the like. It really is given a platform 31 which the operatlve holders along with a handle 32 where he handles and steers the van. The important points in the driving and operating device of the pickup truck are certainly not shown as these information of development form 110 craft from the resent upender as well as any suita le kind van can be used. The electronically pushed type, nevertheless, offers the. advantages that it is possible to management, simple to run, and supplies a convenient way to obtain power for that motor unit 28. The operation on this motor unit can be governed by a control 34.