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Slit Coil creating and auto steel tube packing machine

Servo driven feeds discuss many of the benefits with all the press driven variety, like little area necessity, reduced maintenance, and high rates of speed. Servo feeds also provide benefits that press driven units cannot, however. The truth that they utilize a microprocessor based control gives them an added aspect. Characteristics such as programmable transfer styles, self diagnostics, auto correction, and the cabability to get in touch with automation – just for example – set up them aside from other types of rss feeds.

1.top roller modification by digital view .

2.Coil width adjusted by increase deal with wheel with exact attach rod .

3. Successfully pass line may be adjusted through the lifter driven by engine .

4.Coil side guide utilize one set hollow rolls technical back again measure product.

5. Crunch roll and straightener roll substance: high-strength alloy having metal with tough chrome plating.

6.Hydraulic coil left arm gadget .

7.Mechanized Snuber roll .

8.hydraulic guider in coil packaging line.

9.hydraulic peeler desk .

10.Mitsubishi PLC manage providing program from China .

11.Supply precision managed by Japan YASKAWA servo engine with precise planetary reducer .

1.The 3 in 1 compact feeder which consist of 3 in 1 NC servo straightener, decoiler and feeder.

It can spend less space and increase efficiency.

2.NC Servo giving. Operating with Computerize Numerical Management by PLC program from

MITSUBISHI manufactured in China. The electric parts from YASKAWA produced in Japan including Servo

, encoderdriver and motor

3.Substantial accuracy giving: to meet the approaching of hitech business, handled by computer shut

circuit feedback program to keep precision education inside /-.15mm

4.Giving function: enter 5 groups of different supply size, each group of people provides 999 times for

punching or reducing in order to satisfy digesting of special products.

5.High performance release gadget, complement adjustment of signal through the push coil packaging machine by means of

cable wire coil packaging line

6.Establishing of supply size: immediately input supply length on the control dish,

Slit Coil producing and auto steel tube packing machine

Rotary shear Cut To Size Lines are capable of doing leveling, measuring and uncoiling cross-cutting to duration and stacking job. It primarily includesuncoiler and leveler, calculating encoder, conveyor, stacker and shearer hydraulic system, pneumatic program and electrical program, and so forth., the line can be sure of precise giving and shearing. It can be commonly used in chilly or warm moving carbon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and all the other kinds of metallic supplies with surface covering.

Minimize to size line is controlled by NC servo system. It has PLC controlled the duration dimension. The data of duration, shearing numbers and speed could be input to the PLC techniques. Once the need shearing number is attained the line can cease automatically. The line velocity may be

The sheet steel cutting line are capable of doing uncoiling, straightening and gauging go across-cutting to length and stacking work. It primarily includes uncoiler, shearer, gauge, conveyor and straightenerstacker, hydraulic system, pneumatic program and electric program, and so forth. The line can make sure of precise giving and shearing. It may be popular in cold or hot rolled carbon dioxide metallic, tinplate, stainless steel and all of e other sorts of metallic supplies with surface area coating. The cut to length line is managed by PLC system.

S120 series slitting creation line is easily the most popularized standrad line for customer to cut materials upto 6mm thick, 2000mm width of coil ,with velocity 120m/min,slicing pieces 30 items. It has the value of substantial application range.The machine are capable of doing uncoiling,straightening, slitting and recoiling functions. Machine consists of and ,front side loop,coil slitting machine,scrap winder, back end loop,tension device ,recoiler ,asisting help ,get out of coil car ,hydraulic program ,electric program and so on.

The whole line is managed by PLC with personal computer exhibit. We primarily utilize pc-management system of brand names Yaskawa, Baumueller, Mitsubishi, Delta and Siemens and Schneider. The data of buy amount, reducing strips and pace can be enter for the PLC systems.This line is highly automatic with affordable ,lengthy sevice lifestyle dependable efficiency .

Most consumer used it along with tube mill and steel tube packing machine ,KJS120 collection get highly compliment from clients both at home and overseas.

Slit Coil creating and steel tube packing machine

stainless steel coil reducing machine manufacturing line is substantial-velocity and exact with work stations for straightening, uncoiling and measuring go across-cutting to size and folding. The automatic steel tube packing machine includes feeding truck, assisting assistance, decoiler, hydraulic shear, leveler, stop obstruct, encoder level, dish shearing machine, promoting desk, pneumatic stacker, production trolley, hydraulic system and so forth. The entire line is managed by PLC with pc display. We mainly utilize pc-manage program of manufacturers Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Baumueller and Delta and Schneider. The fullness for materials can be from .2MM to 25MM, size from 600MM to 2500MM, load bodyweight above 25T, cutting accuracy .5MM/M, line pace 60M/Min. We can also add functions such as collecting and coating according to customer’s need. This line is extremely automatic with great straightening effect, précising slicing, efficient manufacturing, trustworthy overall performance, easy maintenance and operation. To be able to meet various demands.

Reduce To Durationautomatic steel tube packing Lines can do uncoiling, leveling and measuring go across-slicing to length and stacking function. It mostly consists ofuncoiler and leveler, calculating encoder, stacker, shearer and conveyor hydraulic program, pneumatic program and electrical program, and so on., the line can be sure of precise providing and shearing. It could be popular in cold or warm moving co2 metallic, tinplate, stainless steel and the rest of the kinds of metallic materials with area layer.Cut to length line is controlled by NC servo method. It offers PLC managed the duration dimension. The details of length, shearing figures and speed could be input towards the PLC techniques. If the require shearing number is achieved the line can stop immediately. The line pace could be altered, It possesses a encoder with higher preciseness, and whole line can also work immediately and run easily, clean sheet can be produced.

Features:Steel tube packing machine

0A 10-steel tube packing machine pc mixture weigher

I. Main performance and architectural characteristics

*Choose the very best mixture immediately from diverse bodyweight combos via personal computer with ideal combination of higher accuracy and speed.

*High accuracy information-kind weighing sensing unit realizes accurate analyzing.

*Fluid crystal screen os in several dialects like Asian and The english language, and so on.

*IP65 grade water-dust and proof-resistant design. Its sanitary and clean with all stainless parts. Complete covered style stops accumulation of substance and facilitates cleansing.

According to the features of items to be weighed, and prevent blocking and crushing of material, *It can fine the opening and closing speed of hopper door.

*With highly effective digital auto counting functionality, it may history the index for each set of product including total case quantity; pass price and difference of individual case, and so forth.

*Recommended products: triply equilibrium golf ball, suction power hopper, printing gadget, threshold working product.

*Solid compatibility and much more compact framework with it specifically placed on the top part of steel tube packing machine.

*Quickly give back for expense by largely preserving huge amount of raw labor and material cost.

*Internet excess weight: 300kg; Gross bodyweight: 370kg

*Voltage: 220V; Strength: 1500W; Regularity: 50/60HZ; Ranked current: 9A.

*Out package deal aspect(millimeters)1400(L)×1130(W)×1120(H):

II. Specialized parameter


10-hopper pc combination level

Range of solitary evaluating


Highest weighing quality


Typical patience for solitary bag


Selection of analyzing precision


Optimum evaluating speed

70 totes /minute

Hopper capacity


Hopper type

Bi-row hopper without memory space

Driving a car

Move engine

Pre-programmed amount for merchandise

99 kinds

Size of machine physique(mm)


*Voltage/ Strength: / Regularity

220V;/1500W; 50/60HZ; Rated existing: 9A.

Attributes:Steel tube packing machine

0A 15-steel tube packing machine computer blend weigher

I. Main efficiency and architectural characteristics

*Pick the finest blend instantly from diverse weight combos via personal computer with best blend of higher precision and speed.

*Substantial preciseness information-type analyzing sensing unit recognizes precise analyzing.

*Water crystal display screen operating system in numerous languages like Asian and The english language, and so forth.

*IP65 quality drinking water-proof and dust-resistant design and style. Its sanitary and clean with stainless components. Total sealed style prevents build up of materials and facilitates washing.

According to the features of items to be weighed, and prevent crushing and blocking of material, *It can fine the opening and closing speed of hopper door.

*With effective electronic digital automated counting functionality, it could record the directory for every batch of merchandise such as total bag number; complete level and variation of solitary case, and so on.

*Recommended devices: triply balance tennis ball, suction hopper, stamping gadget, tolerance selecting product.

*Powerful compatibility and a lot more small structure by using it specifically installed on top of the a part of steel tube packing machine.

*Fast come back for purchase by largely preserving large volume of unprocessed material and labor expense.

*Net excess weight: 300kg; Gross weight: 370kg

*Voltage: 220V; Power: 1500W; Consistency: 50/60HZ; Rated present: 9A.

*Out bundle measurement(millimeters)1400(L)×1130(W)×1120(H):

II. Specialized parameter


10-hopper personal computer blend scale

Variety of solitary evaluating


Maximum evaluating high quality


Regular threshold for single handbag


Selection of evaluating accuracy


Highest weighing speed

70 totes /second

Hopper ability


Hopper type

Bi-row hopper without having recollection


Move motor

Pre-programmed amount for product

99 kinds

Dimensions of machine body(mm)


*Voltage/ Energy: / Regularity

220V;/1500W; 50/60HZ; Rated present: 9A.