Automatic steel wire winding and strapping machine

Requirement for steel wire winding and strapping machine
Would be possible to feed the machine with the vertical coil like I show you in this photo? Obviously we should reduce the velocity production.


This is the most popular format in our company for steel wire, it weighs 1 Tone and the diameters we use to recoil are from D1,5 to D5. The weighs we use to make packs are: 5 kg, 15 Kg, 25 Kg, and 50 Kg. Galvanized heavy steel wire.

—–Do you mean re-coiling the steel wire from basket as above picture? And re-winding into 5,15,25,50Kg…?

——- exactly, it’s what you show in the next link.

Yes, rewinding into this weights.

The un-widing is like follow video.

Coiling per weight is not problem

However we also can do the compact coil used in the video if it will be a problem.

——Sorry i don’t understand

———- don’t worry, it is solved if we can do recoiling steel wire from basket.

More questions: it’s possible to make 50 KG packs?

——What is the size of the 50Kg PACKS?

‐——- I mean if can we make a rewind into a 50kg pack.

How the automatic palletizer put the coils vertically? Or simply keep horizontal and I have to make an adaptation?

Coil palletizing is ok.



What is the velocity production with the full installation in Kg/h?

Sorry about many questions.

 ——Depends on the coil size

Would be possible to receive a quotation about two supposes?

A: The machine without palletizing. Only coiling part. It’s possible we can make adaptation at our robot, it depends some factors.

—-It is possible, by we need to have the robot’s information and video.

B: Complete installation with palletizing, the coiler and the palletizer.