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Our company  is a manufacturing and trading company in Medellin, Colombia, South America.
Among our product lines we are distributting pallet inverter with pallet PET strapping and one of our customers, a particle Board and MDF factory, has asked us to help them source an automatic pallet inveerter and strapping line.  They currently strap using manual machines.
I am enclosing a file with pictures and some specs  of the type of strapping line we are looking for, which can give you a clear idea, anyway I will discuss with the factory the data sheet you sent and get all the possible information.
Do you have any experience with any panel factory auto pallet changing and pallet strapping line?   What type of strapping lines have you sold?  To what type of industries?  Do you have any videos you could share?
Hera are some basic specs of the line required:
1.  Panel Size:   1.22 x 2.44 / 1.53 x 2.44 / 1.83 x 2.44 / 2.15 x 2.44   Meters
2.  Package height :  They range from  400 mm to 600 mm
3.  Strap  width :  16 – 19 mm   Thickness :  0.8 to 1.3 mm
4.  Number of straps :  5 in the vertical way (width) and 2 in the horizontal side (length, which is 2.44 mts.).
5.  Auto Machine for introduction of lower wooden sticks (legs) and upper edge protectors.
6.  Strapping machine can have 2 magazines in order to speed up strapping process.
7.  Strapping speed (packing) :  25 to 30 packages per hour
8.  Electricity :  440 volts / 60 Hz
9.  The product is delivered to the packing line auomatically using conveyors.
10.  Electric Componentes requested :  PLC, Touch screen, Inverters
11.  Color:  to be defined :  Paint has to be heavy duty use.
12.  Manuals and instructions in English
13.  Weight of packages :  Range from 600 kgs. to 2.400 kgs.  depending on the type of product ( particle board, MDF panel, or Melamine Laminated PB or MDF).
What type of commissioning service is required?  How long?  Cost?  Number of people needed for commissioning?  Number of people for operating.
Type of after sale service?
Warranty period?
All electric parts of the pallet inverter for pallet changing should be wll knoown international brand ( Siemens, Schneider, or similar), metering (Omron, Siemens, RKY or similar), Motors (Siemens Beide), Bearings ( SKF, Timken or similar).
Plant location is at 1.500 meters above sea level, temperate climate all year around, with average temperature of 25 degrees celcius.