Aluminum coil stretch wrapping machine and packing line

Aluminum coil master

steel (Thailand). I ‘m looking for Plastic wrap machine for Hot rolled coil detail as below;

Material               : Steel

Width                    : 750-1600 mm

Thickness Strip : 1.00 – 19.00 mm

OD                          : Max. 2000 mm

ID                            : 508, 610, 720 mm

Weight per coil  : max 30 MT

Production capacity : max. 200,000 MT/Month

Could you please suggest your machine product specifications that suitable for requirement


Aluminum coil stretch wrapper manufacturer

I think the drawing is ok.  I made a few notes I’d appreciate if you could have them added to the drawing.  I would also like to see the clearance of the shuttle in relation to the coil ID.  Can your engineers create and additional view showing the clearance?


When do you expect to be ready for testing?  My intention is to have Shuhan visit your workshop and review some of the issues we encountered during commissioning last time.  Please advise.