Automatic wire coil compacting and strapping packing line

Regarding the new inquiry: Currently we are seeking a partner to deliver a quite specialized strapping machine: a combination of pressing and strapping unit for strapping steel wire coils. The compression and centering part will be constructed by us, so the inquiry is for strapping unit only. Below you can see the specification we have:


1) Compressed material – low carbon wire 物料 低碳钢丝

2) Position for loading and unloading – horizontal 钢丝卷卧式进出料

3) Length and width of the mandrel of the trolley for loading – 2,300 mm length of the mandrel, 160 mm width of the mandrel 料架尺寸:长2.3米 宽0.16米

4) Compression and strapping position – vertical 压缩和捆扎为垂直方向

5) Wire diameters – 5.5 – 38 mm 钢丝直径

6) Min / max outer diameter of wire coils – 1200/1 500 mm 料卷外径

7) Min / max inner diameter of wire coils – 740/1 100 mm 料卷内径

8) Min / max height of coils before compression 500/2 500 mm (500 mm – in case of compressing more coils) 料卷压缩前高度

9) Min / max height of coils after compression 600/1 800 mm 压缩后高度

10) Max weight of coils – 5,000 kg 料卷重量

11) Max. number of coils compressed at once (together) – 3 pcs 一次压缩3卷

12) Max capacity of 4 – 6 compression and strapping cycles per hour 每小时压缩和捆扎4-6次

13) Tape type – steel 32 x 0.8 / 1.00 mm 钢带尺寸

14) Tape joining method – Notching 钢带连接方式 开槽

15) Number of harnesses per roll – optional 4/6 每个料卷的吊带

16) Maximum compressive force – 9 tons 最大压缩力 9吨

17) Type of coils – rolled cut wire and strapped wire circles 滚切钢丝和捆扎钢丝

18) The device must be equipped with the so-called centering and release of the rolls before and after compression and strapping – see the appearance of the rolls. picture A) wrong B) right


19) The device will be equipped with automatic feeding of cardboard spacer under the tape, see. image (illustration only)


Please beware the last point (#19) which literally can be a show-stopper…

See enclosed drawing to have a general idea about the machine construction (the RED parts are the strapping unit and the cardboard spacer placement unit – so this is what we need from you). Note that this is a customer’s idea and may be a bit outdated (e.g. now they say that there won’t be a feeder for hanging eyes as they do not lift the coils by crane any more). The blue disc is compressing unit which compresses the coils first, then 4 straps are performed and only then the press moves up. Due to limited space inside the mandrel, we think that only one head fits inside (no problem, given to the required capacity).


What is important for you:

They will insert the coils onto the mandrel using a forklift, then the mandrel moves up to compress and strap (i.e. the strapping performs in „eye to wall“ position).

Beware: inside the mandrel there will be a centering frame, which will further reduce the space for placing the tape guide (feeder)

Four straps per package are enough , if there will be steel strap (6 in case of PP)

Their idea is to place 2ply corrugated cardboard ( thickness cca 3-4 mm, width 100 mm, placed on a roll) around the coil and fix it “somehow” (e.g. with adhesive tape) before the strapping. We think that the requirement for paper spacers under the strap will probably not be solvable in this way – it should be considered whether it would not be possible to replace steel strap with more harnesses of PET strap, for example 32mm… The second option to consider would be wrapping individual (small) spools into paper or foil.

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