Finding the shortcomings in the before upender

Phase [0039] upender 3 is a technique for quickly change turn machine flowchart. 3, the process from the invention a computerized change flip machine, comprising the techniques of:

[0040] Phase 301, the start of discovered indicators in the transmitting provider, in the favored embodiment from the current innovation, by using a automobile-area detection sensing unit is inverted in the machine, the generate means is a increase generate chain.

[0041] Stage 302, when the push implies acts, an initial carrier in to the shift orbit on the securing way of the stop.

[0042] In stage 303, the tube unit opens up downwardly pressed flat carrier, in the favored embodiment of your technology, the two cylinders are launched down pushed flat so as to secure the vehicle if the motor vehicle moves more than.

[0043] In step 304, flip machine flick, flip required to total the automobile.

[0044] Step 305, raising tube fasten functionality components, cars transferred to an additional transfer orbit.

[0045] In move 306, the second exchange orbit vehicle moving the flip, proceed to the next method.

[0046] upenders 6, 7, 5, respectively, 4 and 8 desired embodiment in the provide technology with a schematic look at undertaking the reversing machine PCBA to the tube to open them pressed smooth company, the turn turn commences Schematic Schematic career, change turn machine to finish the job, raising cylinder lock function provider schematic in to a second transfer orbit. Listed below with guide to FIG. 4 to 8 operating principle in the automatic roll-over machine of your existing invention more intro.

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