Finding the weak points of your before by upender

[0034] upender 7 can be a schematic diagram of your recommended embodiment of the total flick reversing machine doing work embodiment;

[0035] upender 8 can be a schematic diagram of the tube to raise your vehicle into the securing purpose of the second favored embodiment of the exchange route.


[0036] addition to the subsequent sketches, embodiments from the provide innovation is obtained with a specific distinct samples of the current specs, the qualified particular person can easily content revealed More effectiveness and advantages in the provide technology. Or purposes of the current innovation might be used by several other specific types of a variety of specifics with this specs based upon distinct applications and viewpoints may possibly, with out departing in the character of the technology and various changes and modifications.

[0037] upender 1 is a structural diagram of your intelligent upender machine, upender 2 is a plan look at a computerized upender machine diagram. The present invention is an automatic reversing machine for carrying an automatic flip PCBA carrier, in addition to the inverting mechanism, comprising at least, as shown in upender 1 and 2: 10, locking implies 11 and the cylinder actuator unit 12. [0038] 10 of them set up on both sides of the automatic transmission upender machine for the PCBA carrier will carry the first transfer orbit from the flip side of the entrance drive to the other side of the drive, the vehicle flipped in the first a second transfer conveyor track, in the preferred embodiment of the present invention, the transmission means 10 for the double drive chain, which has an automatic reversing machine sensor, the sensor detects the start in the transmission 10 into the carrier signal; locking device 11 disposed on the opposite side of the first transfer orbit tipper entrance to the vehicle in carrying PCBA run to flip the machine while it is the opposite side of the entrance lock; cylinder module 12 is disposed within the first upender machine above a transfer track, in order to bring the vehicle to run to PCBA flip the inlet side opposite to the lock is opened, pressed down flat carrier, the carrier for supporting the vehicle rollover, in the preferred embodiment of the present invention, embodiment, the cylinder module 12 has two cylinders respectively provided on both sides of the top of the first transfer track. It should be documented that from the recommended embodiment of your provide innovation, the foremost and the next conveyor path in the conveyor path is up and down inverted two parallel songs, another over the initial conveyor rail carry tracks, and therefore the tube module 12 disposed above the initial conveyor track; program be disposed underneath the initial conveyor keep track of the next shift monitor, the related tube 12 disposed beneath the initial conveyor keep track of, the current invention is just not constrained thereto.

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