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Multifunctional technical molds feeder skill in upender The energy model concerns an approach for machining and mold creating process molds convert multi purpose technical feeder, of machining and fungus creating auxiliary gear technologies. Craft within the machining and mold making, materials, mold and maintenance machining take care of functions are usually turning utilization of human or weightlifting devices to accomplish. This procedure of operation, susceptible to incidents, work environment may affect pricey mildew damage, picking up equipment harm, extreme but additionally jeopardize the security of working workers. So, someone applies a technique called hydraulic automatic clamping mechanism (Patent No.: 03247436 * 9) in the patent, its construction is: carrier provided with hydraulic stations and power management box, rack rails with four having chair ; shaft from a bearing fixed within the holder which a chain on both ends of the shaft features a hydraulic motor; turn desk at the back of tips rail placed on the carrier rail assist base , sequence and sprocket engages the sequence comes to an end hinged flick Taiwan ends; employing hydraulic station hydraulic motor pushed from a sequence to flip flick Taiwan. The patented solution hydraulic automatic machine molds although to some extent, improve the safety factor, reducing the operator’s labor intensity, but was turned part because there is no fixed easily fall, is still not conducive to safe production; Meanwhile, when two lifting holes parallel to the plane of upender the work table, were not uninstall the inverted flip move the workpiece; while only turn perpendicular to each other and both large and flat surfaces, the use of restrictive, affecting the efficiency of its use. Review Of THE upender The upender strives to provide a acceptable composition, materials could be machined fungus resolved, can flick the 6 confronts transformed molds multifunctional mechanized feeder fix the preceding art work, using restricted safety very low coefficient dilemma; while another one of many application design seeks to provide a safer, reputable, small footprint, simple to use multi-function mechanised molds change feeder. The application design main purpose of these systems is tackled from the subsequent technical solutions: a versatile mechanical molds transform serving machine, comprising a base, a hinge axis, change board, stores, magnet dinner table, rotating shafts, telescopic cover, base There exists flipped motor, sprocket tensioner sprocket and transitional, flick about the motor with all the drive sprocket; said hinge axis hinge assistance by the three set in the base; said flip board and 2 wheels connected with a change the coupling go is hinged towards the hinge axis in the hinge, turn table with rotary motor, the motor rotating a drive items; the chain and sprocket, the sequence tensioning sprocket engagement changeover, the chain comes to an end were easy-to-open towards the flick coupling mind rounded stops, and is located on a group across the wheel flick coupling; said magnetic table has many long lasting magnet sucker and stoppers, every long term magnet sucker interlocked with an intermediate shaft; said rotation axis passes by with the rolling having Within the turn-board, with rotating shaft powered items, driven gear meshing using the traveling equipment; said retractable deal with plate resolved on the base and turn between; the base come with electric control package, management package built with remote control operating deal with. The application model multi purpose mechanized feeder molds convert flip 90 levels with all the horizontal direction, the desk rotates 360 degrees, magnet adsorption repaired workpiece capabilities; many thanks change aspect dinner table, relative to other molds machine can help to save l / 3 footprint. Consequently, the application version has multi-function, very easy to use, safe and reliable, tiny footprint and so on. Description Of Your DRAWINGS Figure 1 is definitely the utility of any certain embodiment in the schematic entrance see; Shape 2 is certainly one specific embodiment of your power model schematic kept area see; Shape 3 may be the energy of a distinct embodiment of any schematic leading take a look at the dwelling; Physique 4 can be a schematic diagram of the energy product Magnetic table. Physique: l. Base 2. Hinge axis 21. Hinge support, 3. Turn table, 31. Turn coupling wheel 32. Hinge coupling mind, 4. Chain, 41. upender motor 42 drive sprocket, 43 Changeover sprocket 44. tensioning sprockets, 5. Magnet kitchen table, 51. magnet chuck, 52. intermediate shaft 53. stopper, 6 spinning shaft 61 pushed products 62. initiative Items, 63. rotary motor, 7. telescopic cover. Comprehensive DESCRIPTION These good examples along with the accompanying drawings, the present power product technological solutions to additional certain instructions. Shape l, 2, demonstrated in Figure 3, the energy kind of a multi purpose mechanized feeder molds change, consists of a base 1, a hinge shaft 2, upender dish 3, the sequence 4, magnetic kitchen table 5, the rotary shaft 6, telescopic deal with 7, the base 1 provided with upender motor 41, a tension sprocket 44, sequence 43 transitions, upender motor 41 is supplied by using a drive sprocket 42; said hinge shaft 2 from the a few hinge assistance 21 1 is fixed on the base; platter 3 by the upender of your upender wheels 31 along with the two connecting hinge coupling brain 32 is easy-to-open on the hinge shaft 2, and also the hinge shaft 2 by using moving manual sleeve, a upender dish 3 turning electric powered machine 54 the turning electric powered machine 54 is supplied with a pinion items 53; the sequence 4 along with the drive sprocket 42, the transition 43 and the tension sprocket 44 a sequence stimulating the chain 4 finishes were hinged on the ends from the first turn coupling wheel 31, which is positioned Turn coupling wheel 31 round the arc, upender plate 3 by upender the chain 4 to drive wheel 31 in conjunction with the hinge shaft 2, from to 90 ° flick; said magnetic table 5 is coupled with the rotary shaft 6; said rotary shaft 6 by one pair of rolling bearings in upender platter 3, the rotary shaft 6 is supplied with a motivated products 61, the pushed gear 61 meshed with the traveling gear 62, the electrical motor 63 pushed by way of a rotary drive equipment 62, the driven gear 61, the rotary shaft 6 as well as a magnetic Table 5 with regards to turn plate 3 – 360 levels rotation from; said telescopic protect 6 resolved towards the base dish andflip and flip, turn above when the platter 3 – onwards for tension and compression activity; equipped with the base electric control container, control container built with far off-management operation deal with. Displayed in Figure 4, said magnetic kitchen table 5 includes a plurality of magnet chuck 51 and the stopper block 53, the magnet chuck 51 by means of several intermediate shaft 52 is combined to one another, magnet chuck 51 referenced patent “turning primary and ahead polarity long term magnet assembly hybrid gadget (Patent No.: 200820203164, 4). ” When you want to adsorption fixed workpiece, just convert a certain angle towards the intermediate shaft 52, the same time taking out the workpiece is also just transform it back to its unique safe, reliable and position operation.

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0018] The current upender functions: Hydraulic Communicate Turn devices usually used in a team, includes a few hydraulic Communicate flick machine, a hydraulic station and electrical management cases type an organization flick gadget.

[0019] Before starting work on the flip, the workpiece 14 through the remaining curler 13 moves to 3 hydraulic servomotor drive forwards change left arm 2, three hydraulic Relay flip forward on the machine left arm 2 top flick powered by hydraulic cylinder 3 next synchronization flip the workpiece 14 90 °, accompanied by five in the arm right after the hydraulic cylinder 4 after flipping driven synchronization of your workpiece 14 and after that flick 90 °, in order that the workpiece 14 by 180 ° flip landed on the reverse side the right curler 15 on.

The utility product relates to a multifunctional mechanical mildew upender upender, and is among the practical area in the auxiliary devices for technical mold and treatment manufacture. The multifunctional mechanized mildew upender upender consists of a base, a hinge shaft, a upender plate, a chain, a magnet functioning desk, a spinning shaft plus a telescopic protect. The inside the base is provided using a upender motor as well as a sprocket; the hinge shaft is fixedly organized in the base; the upender plate is hinged around the hinge shaft which is provided with a rotating motor; the chain is interested with all the sprocket; the 2 stops of the chain are correspondingly hinged in the two stops from the upender coupling wheel from the upender platter; the upender dish transforms above when the upender motor drives the sprocket and also the sequence; the magnetic functioning dinner table is supplied by using a completely magnet sucker along with a restriction obstruct, which is backed about the upender dish using a turning shaft; along with the rotating motor pushes a driving a car products thereon plus a driven equipment around the turning shaft to swivel, to be able to ultimately drive the magnetic operating plate to turn for 360 diplomas. The energy product has the main advantages of a plurality of functions, reliability and safety, and little entertained place, and can be used as upender the fabric being highly processed and also the mildew in the mechanised treatment and the fungus produce.

Boasts(2) converted from Asian

1, a multi purpose mechanized molds stacker machine, which consists of a base (1), the hinge axis (2), flick board (3), chain (4), Magnet table (5), the revolving shaft (6) , telescopic protect (7), characterized for the reason that: said base (1) built with upender motor (41), the tension sequence (44), the cross over sequence (43), upender the motor (41) is supplied with energetic back links wheel (42); said hinge shaft (2) by about three hinge support (21) resolved to the base (1) therein; said upender plate (3) by upender coupling wheel (31) and two hinge coupling brain ( 32) easy-to-open in the hinge shaft (2) and the hinge axis (2) using the manual sleeve moving match, change plate (3) is supplied with a rotary motor (54), revolving the motor (54) is supplied having a driving a vehicle products (53 ); said sequence (4) along with the drive sprocket (42), the cross over sequence (43) and also the tensioning sequence (44) engages the chain (4) easy-to-open towards the two stops of change coupling wheel (31) all over the go and in upender coupling wheel (31) all around the arc, transform plate (3) by a sequence (4) coupled to drive upender wheel (31) in accordance with the hinge axis (2) from to 90 ° change; said magnetic desk (5) along with the rotary shaft (6) is paired; said rotary shaft (6) by means of a set of going bearings in upender dish (3), the rotary shaft (6) is supplied by using a motivated products (61), the motivated items ( 61) with the driving a vehicle products (62) engages, from a rotary motor (63) driven by the drive items (62), the pushed equipment (61), the rotary shaft (6) and also the magnetic counter (5) in accordance with the upender plate (3) with spin 360 ? ?levels; said telescopic deal with (6) resolved for the base plate andflip and flip, change the board as time passes (3) collectively for tension and compression movement; the base are equipped with electrical control package, handle pack loaded remote device functioning take care of.

2, according to upender, wherein the mechanical multi-turn mode turners, characterized in that: said magnetic bench (5) is provided using a plurality of magnet chuck (51) and restriction ± to (53) , the magnetic chuck (51) through a number of intermediate shaft (52) to each other ‘connection. ‘.

DESCRIPTION translated from Oriental

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Wherein the reversing machine hydraulic servomotor, characterized in that, as claimed in upender: said rear rotating left arm (5) and entrance left arm (2) symmetrical framework.

Wherein the reversing machine hydraulic servomotor, characterized in that, as claimed in upender: said move just before the hydraulic cylinder (3) includes a cylinder (3-1) and also the piston rod (3-2), the piston rod (3-2 ) placed on the cylinder (3-1) inside.

(10) as reported in upender, in which the reversing machine hydraulic servomotor, recognized in this: said hydraulic cylinder overturned (4) along with a front side flip hydraulic cylinder (3) the same structure.

Outline translated from Chinese

Turn Machine Hydraulic Relay


[0001] The present upender refers to a hydraulic servomotor upender machine, particularly for big elements flick position, from the industry of welding automation equipment and technology.

Track record

[0002] In the assembly and production of machinery and equipment, often need to move large parts flip positioning, large parts very bulky, if manpower to flip would be very difficult, requiring specialized upender machine provides a relatively large work force to complete flip.

[0003] In present day culture, stainlesss steel in the building industry is increasingly more used, the production of huge metal framework have to count on modern day machinery and gear to perform. Hydraulic Relay upender machine is devoted to the H-beam welding production collection for big side to side stainlesss steel workpiece 180 ° flip of mechanised gear.

[0004] at the moment on the market widely used sequence hoist tipper, this upender machine works by using two stores set over a huge workpiece, up grip between a chain, in order that the rotation of the workpiece to accomplish turn area. This construction is pretty challenging reversing machine in use, there are lots of problems. Because the use of chain pull bow I, chains in direct contact with the workpiece, the workpiece is easy to damage; Meanwhile, the workpiece upender speed is unstable, especially flip the workpiece from the horizontal position to the upright position, in an upright position flip instantaneous fast, improper operation prone to accidents, in the inversion process.

Because the trip chain hoist is limited to large-sized workpiece 180 ° in need after two flip, first flip down the workpiece by 90 ° and then Flip once again, [0005] In the H-beam welding production line using horizontal chain hoist tipper. The workpiece has not flipped to 90 ° to the limit position when it had dropped to reverse flip the workpiece, flip is often because the operator did not notice the chain hoist stroke position.

[0006] similar overseas reversing machine manufacturing range complex construction, sizeable location, high prices, so fundamentally do not use in the country.

Review Of THE upender

[0007] The object from the provide upender would be to get over the above inadequacies, thus supplying a hydraulic servomotor upender models, straightforward framework, straightforward operation, constant upender the workpiece, the workpiece will not produce harm; increase the productivity from the workers, reduced personnel labour intensity, low cost and efficiency from the total reversal of the workpiece operate.

[0008] According to the present upender provides a technical solution, hydraulic servomotor upender machine comprises a frame, front arm, front flip hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and rear after flipping arm, right down to the frame, respectively, with hydraulic front flip After flipping the cylinder base and hydraulic base; said front and rear arm hinged arm were active in the rack midline; flip the front right side of the hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder Activities hinged front flip on the base, left Activities hinged front lower arm; said right after the event hinged flip hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder in the base after upender on the left arm after the event hinged on the bottom.

[0009] said frame comprises four support posts, in between the assist column and also the reduce attaching rod through a connecting rod, attaching rod finishes in the higher plate are coupled to the right and left pallets. Said front side left arm contains a support plate along with the rotating left arm, said spinning arm attached to the back end from the support dish, said assist dish is L-molded, both stops from the turning arm with a rotation opening. Following the transform in the frontward arm and arm framework symmetry.

[0010] The present upender within the preceding craft has got the subsequent advantages: The present upender compact and simple composition, sensible; arm twice using two flip the workpiece 90 °, to relay the change strategy to complete a 180 ° turn the workpiece , sequence hoist remedy the issues by the travel restrictions, a wide variety of sizes to turnover the workpiece; support the workpiece directly with the move arm, as the chain is not going to produce such a accommodating trembling. Simple to work, easy turn the workpiece, the workpiece will not likely create injury; improve employee productivity, reduce effort strength.


[0011] Physique 1 is really a schematic construction in the upender.

Before switching position, [0012] Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of the workpiece.

[0013] Body 3 is a schematic diagram of the position flick the workpiece.

[0014] Physique 4 can be a schematic diagram from the workpiece the inverted position.

[0015] Research numeral: 1 – Holder 2 – Frontward ,2-1-arm help platter ,2 -2- rotating left arm, 3_ front side turn hydraulic cylinder ,3-1-,3-2 piston rod 4 – overturned hydraulic cylinder and 5 – following the growth 6 – front side flip hydraulic cylinder base 7 – overturned hydraulic cylinder base 8 – support columns, 9 – around the connecting rod 10 – reduced hyperlink 11 – Remaining pallet 12 – Correct pallet 13 – Still left roller 14 – aspect 15 – Proper curler.

Particular embodiments

[0016] Inside the adhering to drawings, the present upender will likely be further more explained using the embodiments:

The present upender makes up a frame 1, the very first left arm 2, a front turn three hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders 4 and overturned right after arm 5, the right area from the frame a front side turn up andrespectively and down, with base 6 and back hydraulic cylinders Flip hydraulic cylinder base 7; said front and rear left arm 2 were living hinge left arm 5 in the rack a midline; flick the leading appropriate side from the hydraulic cylinder 3 exercise easy-to-open front turn hydraulic cylinder base 6, still left Activities hinged top reduce left arm 2; said hydraulic cylinder 4 following turning process easy-to-open on immediately after upender in the hydraulic cylinder base 7, turn remaining following the celebration easy-to-open about the budget of the arm 5.

[0017] The frame 1 comprises a number of help posts 8, the frame 1 of the several help posts 8 is fixed on the floor, between your help column 8 using a connecting rod 9 and the reduce hooking up rod 10 are attached, the hooking up rod 9 and reduce connecting rod 10 and several help posts 8 produce a dependable strong bit turn dock. The two ends from the linking rod 9 is coupled to the remaining plate 11 and the proper dish 12, a left plate 11 along with the right front side dish 12 are used to retain the boom 2 and the rear arm 5. Said entrance left arm 2 makes up a revolving left arm help platter 2-1 and 2-2, 2-2 connected to the rotary left arm the rear conclusion in the support platter 2-1. Said promoting plate 2-1 is L-, L-bit layout ensures both in a side to side state or even in a straight state could be near the first move arm 2. 2-2 each stops from the turning arm carries a revolving golf hole, revolving the arm 2-2 could be linked with a move just before the lower hydraulic cylinder 3, driven and rotated round the pit in the top of the the shaft. Once the transform from the previous boom left arm 5 2 symmetric composition. Flick the front cylinder hydraulic cylinder 3, including 3-1 and 3-2 piston, the piston rod mounted on the cylinder 3-1 3-2 inside. Flip the rear hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder 3 and 4 before flipping the same structure.

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[0032] fixed on the revolving frame 5 has two wheels on the frame 6, frame 6 two rollers organized symmetrically. A plurality of rollers 7 Activity of your curler about the frame 6 are set up no less than two rows, and roller 7 from the comparable position in each row. As shown, the roller frame 6 can be arranged in two rows on the roller 7, each row 5 is provided with a roller 7.

According to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements, [0033] Compared with the prior art, the present upender provides an automatic upender machine, the motor output torque is transmitted to the drive wheel through the sprocket, the drive wheel and the rotating frame by engaging tooth structure, its simple structure, the stability of flip operation, torque transmission and high reliability; rotation relative to the fixed frame rack for 360 ° continuous flip, and.

[0034] The above drawings, the present upender with the outstanding information of setup of the upender is actually not minimal through the earlier mentioned-detailed way, provided that the method of utilizing the very idea of the upender as well as other alterations of the technological remedy, with or without enhancement The concept of the current upender is directly appropriate for some other practical solutions and applications, and therefore are in the extent of defense of your upender.

The power model discloses an automotive area frame repairing welding upender. The automotive part frame restoring welding upender comprises a base, in which a machine box is attached to the base, a traveling motor is established inside of the machine package which is associated with a rate-variation product in a transmission mode, an electric power productivity shaft of your velocity-difference system is up and down given an overupender transverse arm, two part frame assist rods which can be established in opposite directions are sleeved in the overupender transverse left arm, both sides frame help rod is supplied by using a aspect frame assistance rod securing product, and area frame securing devices are respectively organized with the inner sides, in opposing guidelines, in the part frame assist rods. The side frame support rods are positioned and adjusted, a workpiece is positioned around the aspect frame assistance rod and it is locked and positioned from the part frame securing devices, the driving motor begins and handles the overupender transverse arm to turn throughout the pace-variation gadget, the overupender transverse left arm pushes one side frame assistance rods to swivel, one side frame assist rods drive one side frame to swivel, and the intention of readily and flexibly adjusting a part frame is attained. The vehicle aspect frame repairing welding upender can do allowing the side frame to freely turn at 360 qualifications, meets the fixing welding requirement, and increases restoring welding work and quality performance.

Statements(5) interpreted from Asian

1 flick motor vehicle fix welding machine part frame, contains a base, described because: said base is attached to the chassis, the chassis installing a drive motor, the drive motor is linked to a power output terminal in the drive transmitting, The production of the transmitting strength measure of the power production shaft is supplied, said energy productivity shaft is placed on both finishes of top to bottom turn side to side arm, the upender left arm of your go across has two offers aside in the golf hole within the aspect frames frame strut, said strut is installed on the side frame to the side frame strut sealing left arm in said flip side frame strut transverse securing system, a couple of said side frame is provided by using a side strut frame securing product.

(2) as stated in upender, wherein your vehicle-aspect welding maintenance flip frame, described because: said transmitting indicates involves strength of your drive motor is drivingly coupled to the gearbox result, the result terminal of said energy transmitting gearbox attached to a worm gear drive.

3, such as a vehicle according to upender, wherein said welding repair flip side frame, characterized in that: said worm products and said transmission gear implies comprises an electrical output terminal connected to a worm drive, the worm products meshes using the worm .

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According to the present upender is described in further detail [0014] The following Examples and the accompanying drawings.

[0015] Figure I of the present upender inside an auto upender machine schematic. [0016] Reference numeral Description:

[0017] I, the motor;

[0018] 2, sprockets;

[0019] 3, the drive wheel;

[0020] 4, the resolved frame; [0021] 5, change the rack;

[0022] 6, roller racks;

[0023] 7, the wheel;

[0024] 8, the pushed wheel;

[0025] 9, the turning wheel.

Distinct embodiments

[0026] Body I from the provide upender suggested a schematic architectural view of auto reversing machine.

[0027] Discussing the drawings, the current upender gives an intelligent upender machine, like the motor I, the sprocket 2, drive wheel 3, the fixed frame 4, spinning frame 5, the wheel frame 6, the roller 7, the powered wheel 8 plus a spinning wheel 9, wherein

[0028] I sequence 2 is attached to the motor result shaft and the axis of rotation of your drive wheel 3 between your I production for that motor torque is transmitted towards the drive shaft 3 is rotated to drive the driving a car wheel 3; rotating frame 5 by way of the driving wheel 3 , the motivated wheel 8 along with the rotating wheel 9 rotatably placed on the stationary supplies frame 4, the drive wheel 3 is rotated to drive the spinning frame 5 with respect to the resolved frame 4 for critical movement; the revolving frame 5 is repaired on a minimum of two rollers frame 6, frame 6 is placed on the curler a plurality of curler 7.

[0029] The present upender offers an auto upender machine, automatic upender machine if the mold actually reaches a predetermined position when the machine, start the productivity torque in the motor I, pushed through the drive sprocket wheel 2 drive wheel 3 is rotated thereby; drive wheel 3 is rotated, driven by rotation relative to the fixed frame 5 for rotation frame 4, so that resolved about the rotary frame 5 follower curler frame 6, frame 6 is placed about the curler roller 7 is rotated along the axis of rotation of the carrier 5 rotation. Through this transmission mode, turn the rack 5 with respect to the fixed frame 4 for 360 ° continuous flip, and according to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements.

[0030] In one desired embodiment, the drive wheel 3, the external periphery of the driven wheel 8 are set to the first toothed framework, the spinning frame 5 of the outer periphery of your next toothed structure, the initial composition and the secondly tooth two meshing pearly whites composition, therefore the way through the meshing tooth structure to drive the rotation of revolving frame 5, the torque transmission stableness, high functioning stability.

[0031] Drive wheel 3, motivated pulley 8 is placed on the turning frame 5 below the spinning wheel 9 is attached in addition to the rotary frame 5. Driving wheel 3 along with the motivated wheel 8 to have the rotating holder 5 promoting position, established the rotary wheel 9 to allow rotation from the holder 5 to keep a predetermined trajectory to spin relative to the fixed frame 4.

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[0001] The current upender refers to mechanized job areas, especially setting an automated upender machine.


[0002] With the advance of industrial production, flipping machine able to adapt products, parts flip requirements in order to achievesafe and stable, effectively providing technology transportation, which are widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal,paper and mold, frozen , other, coil, barrel, coil and strip industries. Change Flick machine in the course of operation, flick direction management, flick career stability variables including torque transmitting trustworthiness is really a way of measuring performance signals upender machine.


[0003] In response to these shortcomings, the present upender aims to propose an automatic upender machine, its simple structure, flipping job stability, torque transmission and high reliability, according to the actual need for flip angle control.

[0004] A computerized upender equipment, including motor, sprocket, products wheel, set carrier, turn the carrier, curlerrollers and frame, motivated wheel and rotating wheel, which,

[0005] a chain installed on the motor output shaft as well as the axis of rotation between your drive wheel for your motor result shaft torque is transmitted on the pushed rotation in the drive wheel;

[0006] By turning carrier drive wheel, powered wheel and rotating wheel rotatably installed inside a repaired holder, drive wheel rotates to drive the rotation of your carrier relative to the repaired frame for rotational motion;

[0007] from the spinning rack holder fixed to at least two rollers, the rollers use a plurality of rollers attached to the holder.

[0008] In one preferred embodiment, the drive wheel, the driven wheels are set to the exterior periphery in the initial tooth composition and also the turning outer periphery of the carrier framework of your next teeth, the first teeth framework and the secondly tooth Framework engaged.

[0009] In a recommended embodiment, the drive wheel, motivated wheel mounted on the spinning frame underneath the rotating wheel attached on top of the turning frame.

[0010] In a favored embodiment, the rotating rack resolved with two roller frame, two roller support frames symmetrically disposed.

[0011] In a desired embodiment, a plurality of rollers in the curler carrier was established in a row of at the very least two, and also the wheel from the comparable position in every single row.

[0012] In a single recommended embodiment, the rollers arranged by two series about the holder rollers, each row is provided having a roller.

[0013] In comparison with the prior art, the present upender provides the pursuing valuable results: the present upender provides an automatic upender machine, the motor output torque is transmitted to the drive wheel through the sprocket, the drive wheel and the rotating frame by engaging tooth structure, the structure Simple, flip job stability, torque transmission and high reliability; rotation relative to the fixed frame rack for 360 ° continuous flip, and according to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements.

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The upender discloses an automatic upender comprising a motor (1), a sequence wheel (2), a traveling wheel (3), a set holder (4), a spinning rack (5), curler shelves (6), rollers (7), a motivated wheel (8) plus a turning wheel (9), in which the sequence wheel (2) is organized between an output shaft from the motor (1) as well as a turning shaft from the driving wheel (3) and is employed for sending moment output with the motor (1) to the traveling wheel (3) in order to drive the traveling wheel (3) to swivel; the rotating rack (5) is rotatably arranged on the set carrier (4) throughout the traveling wheel (3), the motivated wheel (8) and also the turning wheel (9); the driving wheel (3) rotates so as to drive the turning holder (5) to turn comparatively towards the resolved carrier (4); a minimum of two curler shelves (6) are fixed on the turning rack (5); as well as a plurality of rollers (7) are set up on the roller shelves (6). The automatic upender has a simple structure, upending work stability and high moment transmission reliability; and an upending angle can be controlled according to actual requirements.

Promises(6) translated from Asian

1 A computerized upender machine, comprising a motor ⑴, sprocket ⑵, the traveling wheel (3), resolved frame ⑷, turn the frame (5), the wheel frame (6), rollers (7), pushed wheel (8) as well as the rotational wheel (9), where the sprocket installed on the motor ⑴ ⑵ output shaft as well as the axis of rotation from the drive wheel ⑶ among ⑴ for that motor torque is transported to the productivity shaft (3) powered through the driving wheel (3) rotation; turning frame (5) with a drive wheel (3), a motivated wheel (8) and the rotational wheel (10) rotatably installed on the set frame (4), the driving a vehicle wheel (3) is rotated to change drive rack (5) relative to the fixed frame (4) for rotational movement; the rotating frame (5) has no less than two rollers fixed racks ¢), the roller frame (6) placed on a plurality of Curler ⑵.

(2) as stated in claim I wherein the automated upender machine, recognized in that the drive wheel (3), a motivated wheel (8) are positioned to the exterior periphery from the first toothed structure, the revolving frame (5) from the outer periphery two tooth composition, the 1st framework and also the secondly tooth composition tooth proposal.

3 as claimed in upender, in which the automatic upender machine, characterized in that the drive wheel (3), a powered wheel (8) installed inside the revolving frame (5) beneath the spinning wheel (9) attached from the rotating frame ( 5) above.

4 as professed in declare anyone of promises I to 3, the automated upender machine, described for the reason that the revolving frame (5) is set on two curler frame ¢), two roller frame (6) symmetrically established .

5 as professed in upender, in which the automatic upender machine, in which a plurality of rollers (7) from the roller frame (6) was arranged in at least two series, as well as the rollers (7) in a family member position in every row.

As stated in upender, in which the automated upender machine, recognized for the reason that the curler frame (6) set up on two rows of rollers (7), each and every row 5 is supplied with rollers (7).

Explanation interpreted from China

An automated upender machine


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[0009] The energy version has the advantages of:

[0010] This utility version framework is easy, user friendly, can change the guidebook for speedy and effective stacker, not simply lessens the work intensity, and also for mushroom culture substance stacker consistent, good impact, and efficiently improve the function efficiency .


[0011] Body 1 is really a schematic architectural view of the application design.

Specific embodiments

[0012] Shape 1 shows, a single type of mushroom tradition substance personal-propelled stacker machine, including holder I, Holder I put in inside the motor

2, the spindle 3 along with the primary sprocket 4, the spindle 3 is attached to a plurality of sprockets 5, the motor 2 and the productivity shaft via a sequence drive linked to the spindle 3, the spindle 3 via a chain drive connection with the main sprocket 4, the front of your rack I Turn 4 is set up with the major sprocket wheel 6 linkage stacker, stacker wheel 6 equidistant syndication of several upender slurry 7, the spindle 3 – terminal connected to a drive with clutch system 8 is installed on the rack I drive with clutch system 8 relationship lever 9, the rack shaft 10 is installed the bottom I, the power productivity shaft in the clutch 8 via the products establish 11 as well as the drive shaft 10 linked to the two finishes of your shaft 10 operating wheel 12 is fitted, the bottom of the holder in two walk I rear wheel 12 rotatably installed having a guideline wheel 13. Joystick 9 can manage the drive axle 10 and also the spindle 3 attaching or disconnecting.

[0013] I carrier in addition to the stacker wheel 6 has extended to the side in the release baffle 14, the back holder I fitted palm traction 15, back holder I mounted a power swap 16.

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[0011] The next accompanying embodiments and drawings in the present upender will likely be more described. [0012] Physique 1 is a schematic architectural take a look at the present upender. [0013] Body 2 is a still left part view of Physique 1.

3 embodiment

[0014] Figure 1 reveals a schematic obstruct diagram from the provide upender, Body 2 shows a kept part look at Figure 1. The upender system demonstrated inside the embodiment by the spinning body 1, the sprocket 2, the electrical motor 5, along side it help 6, the bottom of the assistance 7, the raising trolley 8, the clamp 10, the clamp 11, which a chain 2 is resolved to the rotating body 1 , the reduced jig 10 along with the clamp 11 is resolved towards the within the revolving body 1, the job, to turn together with the turning body. 6 as well as a bottom part help struts 7 to provide assistance for that spinning body 1. Lifting trolley 8 is set up on top of the path 9.

[0015] function, it will likely be by using a bogie 4 spaces 3 utilizing the unique device press the lift station and parked the vehicle 8, elevate in the auto 8 bogie carriages 3 and 4 bring about the clamping position, with Up coming fixture 10 along with the higher clamping fixture 11 spaces 3, forklifts 8 down 3 and bogie several independent spaces, and changed the vehicle frame 4 8 falls downward, together with the raising trolley 8 droplets underneath the ground, start up the carriage 3 is transformed position, total the corresponding function, will teach three turn back to position, raising in the automobile 8, bogie 4 take on carriage 3, loosen the clamp about the reduced clamp 10 and ll, forklifts 8 Reset kick off pocket 3. [0016] Inside the existing upender, an accumulation two spinning body, the motor utilizing a motor may also be used two, correspondingly, to offer energy for each rotating body, the very long participant, the number of the spinning body may be several. In the present upender, is used between the motor and the rotating sprocket body, but also for gears, belts, steel and other transmission mode.

The energy product discloses a self-propelled upender of edible fungus infection farming materials. The personal-propelled upender of your edible fungus cultivation supplies consists of a machine frame. A motor, a primary shaft and a main sequence wheel are set up in the machine frame. A plurality of sequence wheels are installed on the principle shaft, the motor is linked with the primary shaft inside a transmission method, and also the major shaft is linked to the principle sequence wheel inside a transmitting mode. An upender wheel linked to the primary sequence wheel is put right in front of the machine frame within a rotating function, a clutch is linked with 1 conclusion of the major shaft within a transmitting mode, an operation rod linked with the clutch system within a transmission method is arranged on the machine frame, along with a wheel shaft is mounted in the budget of the machine frame. An electrical production shaft of the clutch system is linked with the wheel shaft within a transmission method by way of a products set up, street wheels are placed at two comes to an end in the wheel shaft, plus a manual wheel is set up powering both highway wheels at the bottom finish of the machine frame. The personal-propelled upender of the delicious fungi cultivation resources is simple in structure, convenient to use and capable of swapping men and women to speedy and high-successfully convert across the materials. Not only is labor intensity reduced, but also the edible fungus cultivation materials are turned over evenly and good in effect. Doing work effectiveness is efficiently increased.

Promises(4) converted from China

1 A mushroom tradition fabric personal-propelled stacker machine, comprising: a frame, a rack installed engines, spindle and the major sequence of said plurality of sprockets mounted on the spindle, The production shaft in the motor and the spindle by way of a chain drive coupled to the major shaft with the major chain and sprocket hooked up pivotally installed towards the frame facing a linkage with the principal sprocket wheel stacker, the stacker wheel very best a number of spread out slurry change, drivingly connected to said one particular finish in the clutch shaft, placed on said frame drivingly attached to the clutch system lever, the base of the holder shaft is fitted, said strength output shaft by way of a clutch equipment team and link up the drive axle, the axle ends were equipped with wandering throughout the frame towards the bottom of the two back wheels rotatably installed just to walk with a guideline wheel.

According to upender, wherein an edible mushroom culture material self-propelled stacker machine, wherein, (2): said frame is provided previously mentioned subsequently feed wheel stretching aside of any discharge baffle.

coil upender industry

The upender discloses an upender. The upender comprises clamping products, a turning product, a supporting device and so on, where the revolving device comprises a motor and 2 or more spinning physiques; the revolving bodies are circularly formed; plus a automobile body that is upended can pass through the turning body. The upender includes a picking up gadget which includes lift truck. The clamping devices are positioned in the inside aspects in the turning physiques and fixed on the rotating bodies. The driving a car method of sequence drive as well as the driving mode of equipment drive, belt drive, stainlesss steel bar drive and so on could be followed between the motor and also the spinning bodies. The upender works on line; and because the operation body is circularly shaped, the safety is good, the stability is high and the operation is simple.

Statements(8) translated from Asian

An online automobile upender machine, the clamping system, revolving implies, the support devices as well as other components, whereby the rotating indicates consists of a motor, the rotor, recognized because said rotary body is annular.

(2) as claimed in upender, in which the automobile upender collection, described in that said rotary body is two or more.

According to upender, wherein the vehicle upender line, characterized in that said clamping means is located on the rotating body, 3.