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According to the present invention, means are provided for adhering and releasing a sheet of stretch wrap packaging material 30 to the holding member. According to one aspect of the invention, the means for adhering and releasing includes, as shown in Figs. 1a and 1b, an quickly managed compressor and vacuum pump motor 22, which happens to be linked to positioning fellow member 20 by hose 24 for supplying a vacuum by means of apertures 42 to stick the product packaging fabric 30 to retaining participant 20, as well as for preventing the effective use of a vacuum, or supplying a confident air flow via apertures 42 to release and blow the product packaging substance away from the holding member 20. Compressor and vacuum push 22 is managed by a controller 26 including a microprocessor or any other manage circuitry which gives timing functions in the method standard with stretch out wrapping equipment.


A stretch wrap dispenser is provided for dispensing a sheet of stretch wrap packaging material, according to the invention. As demonstrated in Figs. 1b and 1a, expand wrap dispenser 28 dispenses a page of extend wrap product packaging fabric 30 within a online form. Stretch out wrap dispenser 28 includes a install for a roll of stretch out wrap wrapping substance and could include rollers or some other products for stretching the extend wrap packing material longitudinally and/or transversely, as shown in U.S. Patent No. 5,161,349.


Means are provided for providing relative rotation between the dispenser and the load to wrap stretch wrap packaging material on the load, according to the present invention. As shown in Figs. 1a and 1b, the means for offering family member rotation involves an L-shaped left arm 32 for promoting dispenser 28 along with a motor driven showing 34 for driving a car the L-molded left arm 32 and dispenser 28 within a group of friends close to a load 36.


Means are provided for severing the packaging material between the load and the holding member while continuing to hold the stretch wrap packaging material with the holding member, according to the present invention. As shown in Figs. 1a and 1b, the method for severing incorporates a very hot wire 38 about the retaining member which functions to warmth and sever the film by warming when pulsed with electrical energy as instructed by controller 26. Very hot wire 38 is if possible recessed in the groove 44 running over the longitudinal time period of retaining fellow member 20. Information of an exemplary groove 44 for the popular wire 38 as well as the apertures 42 and thinner station is visible in Figs. 3a through three dimensional. Otherwise, the severing signifies can include a cutter placed on or aside from the positioning fellow member. The cutter may be fixed to or slidable on keeping associate.


Yet another embodiment from the present invention is demonstrated in Figs. 2b and 2a, by which similar numerals designate related components. As demonstrated in Fig. 2a, the method for offering comparable rotation between the dispenser 128 and the load 136 to wrap the stretch wrap wrapping substance about the weight incorporates a motor motivated turntable 133 fitted in base 135. Load 136 is rotated about a normally straight axis by turntable 133. Retaining associate 120 might be just like positioning fellow member 20 as detailed in respect to Fig. 1.


Keeping member 120, and also 20, can include a method for releasing and adhering, which includes an adhesive surface 121 on retaining member 120 which adheres stretch wrap wrapping fabric 130 to keeping participant 120. The adhesive surface could be a tacky surface and can include, for example, a cylinder covered with vinyl plastisol that has been created and machined as explained in United states Patent No. 5,186,981, which happens to be incorporated herein by guide. The option of tackiness depends on the application. Otherwise, the adhesive surface 121 of retaining member 120 might be a prickly or abnormal surface.


The path for releasing and adhering the stretch wrap packaging material from the holding participant 120 may include a motor driven actuator 146 that is connected to positioning fellow member 120. The actuator can rotate holding member 120 about its main vertical longitudinal axis in accordance with wrapping material 130 to alternately engage and launch packaging material 130 from keeping associate 120. Alternately, the actuator can slide holding participant 120 by language translation or pivoting to alternately participate and independent packing materials 130 from positioning fellow member 120. The positioning member 120 might be extended and retracted with a single movement and in one linear direction.


According to the present invention is shown in Fig a method for stretch wrapping a load. 1a. As shown, a load is conveyed by conveyor 48 to a wrapping station. By energizing vacuum pump 22 when stretch wrap packaging material 30 is proximate holding member 20, a leading end portion 30a of a sheet of stretch wrap packaging material is adhered to holding member 20. Otherwise, or together with this procedure of adhering, the stretch out wrap product packaging substance could be followed keeping participant 20 by utilization of a tacky surface 21 on positioning fellow member 20.


The page of expand wrap packaging fabric 30 is dispensed through the stretch out wrap dispenser 28 whilst offering general rotation between the dispenser 28 and the load 36 during the entire stretch out wrap packaging materials around the weight. As demonstrated in Fig. 1a, the comparable rotation is achieved by transferring dispenser 28 close to fill 36.


Following the extend wrap wrapping materials 30 is wrapped across the stress that it is protected towards the stress, as an example, by overwrapping, top rated end part 30a of the stretch out wrap packaging materials 30 is introduced through the keeping fellow member 20 by several of strategies such as the adhering to: quitting the vacuum through apertures 42 by stopping the vacuum from vacuum pump 22, blowing the extend wrap packaging material away from the keeping fellow member for example by reversing the vacuum and forcing pressurized air flow in the compressor and vacuum pump 22 by way of garden hose 24 and out apertures 42, or by turning or moving retaining participant 20 in accordance with stretch out wrap wrapping material 30 by utilizing motor-powered actuator 46. The general rotation persists until finally fill 36 is completely wrapped towards the specifications of your software. At the moment, a trailing end segment 30b in the expand wrap packaging substance is followed retaining fellow member 20 by actuating the vacuum by way of apertures 42 and/or contacting a tacky surface 21.


The packing materials between your weight 36 and also the holding associate 20 is severed by pulsing popular wire 38 although continuing to support stretch out wrap packing materials with the holding fellow member in order so as to once again start stretch out wrapping another fill with the portion of expand wrap packaging materials stretching involving the positioning member 20 and dispenser 28.


After wrapping, the trailing end of packaging substance could be attached towards the fill and cleaned downward by conventional wipedown mechanisms or by ionizing the atmosphere with the apertures.


Many of these functions may be managed by using a normal programmed microprocessor or any other control devices that are conventionally used with the expand wrapping apparatus.


Another embodiment in the provide invention is shown in Figs. 4a and 4b where dispenser 228 includes a roll of stretch out wrap packaging substance 230 placed on a diamond ring 234 to swivel about a side to side axis. Weight 236 can be personally placed in the wrapping region or communicated in to the wrapping location in ring 234 by conveyor 248, and keeping fellow member 220 is linearly retracted and extended into and out of your wrapping region by way of a motor driven actuator 246 like a rodless cylinder. By rotating holding member 220 so that cutter 239 engages packaging material 230, a cutter 239 is mounted on holding member 220 and is actuated.


Other path for supplying relative rotation, for dispensing the packaging material, and for severing the packaging fabric may be provided, like those displayed within the patents which are incorporated by reference. Other method for adhering and holding the wrapping substance may be provided, such as electrostatic, frictional and mechanical engagements by a keeping associate which engages and holds packaging fabric by having an unopposed or unclamped surface, or which engages just one area of your product packaging fabric.


The present invention reduces the need for capturing the film between multiple arms and the attendant complexity and movement of these units. The invention moreover cuts down on thecost and size, and unreliability in the assembly. Furthermore, it allows the keeping associate to get created to prolong up between your rollers of any curler conveyor and become retracted anytime.

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When commercially effective, this parallel belted clamp includes a complex layout with a variety of elements which provides a prospective for misalignment, dress in, and jamming.


Additionally DE-A-38 20 048 to Stenger A. discloses an operation of stretch Wrapping a load and a product for getting the best stop area of the sheet throughout the very first turn from the sheet throughout the stress, comprising a suction power result of a vacuum pipe coupled with a clamping effect of any clamping product.


The present invention gives an layout that allows stretch film being wrapped and held when offering much less worry about alignment, put on, and jamming, and therefore provides straightforward reduced-expense construction as well as simple operation.


More advantages and objects of the invention will probably be set forth from the description which follows, and in component will likely be evident from the description, or might be acquired by training from the invention. The objects and advantages of your invention may be realized and obtained through the instrumentalities and combinations notably stated from the appended boasts.



As outlined by the purpose of the invention embodied and extensively explained, an approach and apparatus is supplied for stretch wrapping a lot by using a page of stretch wrap packing materials. A prominent end of your sheet of expand wrap preparing material is adhered to a positioning participant. The page of wrapping material is dispensed from the extend wrap dispenser and relative rotation is supplied between the dispenser and also the stress to wrap packaging fabric about the stress. The leading end part of the packaging materials is introduced from your retaining member. A trailing end part of the product packaging substance is subsequently followed the keeping associate, and the product packaging substance is severed between your fill as well as the holding member while the keeping participant is constantly contain the wrapping material. It can be preferable that the method and apparatus of adhering the sheet of wrapping material for the keeping fellow member includes retaining the sheet of packaging materials set up up against the keeping member by using a vacuum.



The related drawings which are included in and constitute an element of the specification, demonstrate the present preferred embodiments of the invention and, together with the basic explanation presented previously mentioned and also the thorough outline of the preferred embodiments given listed below, help to make clear the rules of the invention.

Figs. 1a and 1b are sequential viewpoint opinions from the extend wrapping apparatus, at two different things in operation, including the teachings in the provide invention.

Figs. 2a and 2b are sequential viewpoint sights of another stretch out wrapping apparatus, at two distinct points in operation, incorporating the teachings in the provide invention.

Figs. 3a via 3 dimensional are perspective views of your option embodiment of the aspect demonstrated in Figs. 1 and 2.

Fig. 4b and 4a are end and perspective sights of one more stretch out wrapping apparatus, at two different details in operation, incorporating the teachings in the present invention.



Guide can be made in more detail towards the current preferred embodiments in the invention as illustrated inside the accompanying drawings.


In line with the current invention, a method and apparatus is provided for extend wrapping a load by using a sheet of stretch out wrap product packaging fabric. The apparatus contains a retaining participant, that, as embodied in Figs. 1a and 1b, features a longitudinally extending toned positioning participant 20 made out of a circular tubing or rod, ideally together with a toned channel 40 split into a number of apertures 42. The positioning participant could possibly have other buildings such as these demonstrated in Figs. 3a through 3 dimensional and might be constructed from numerous resources and in a variety of styles according to the specific stretch out wrapping app involved. The keeping participant 20 holds an individual part in the stretch wrap wrapping fabric 30 as opposed to clamping or trapping the expand wrap packaging fabric 30 between opposing surfaces as in previously products. The packaging material 30 is held with an unopposed and an unclamped surface of the holding member 20 as such. In addition, the holding fellow member 20 if at all possible runs transversely throughout a considerable area of the width from the page of product packaging fabric 30.

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The apparatus of state 8, comprising also an actuator (46) for transferring the holding associate; plus a surface between the wrapping region and the actuator;

The apparatus of declare 7 whereby the method for discharging contains method for delivering air flow for coming the stretch out wrap product packaging fabric out of the retaining fellow member by reversing the vacuum (22).

The apparatus of assert 7, whereby the holding member (120) is expanded into and retracted out from the wrapping place from one area of your wrapping area.

The apparatus of declare 15, whereby the keeping fellow member (120) is linearly retracted.

The apparatus of assert 15, wherein the keeping participant is retracted having a one movement and in just one linear direction.

The apparatus of assert 7, whereby the retaining associate (20) glides in accordance with the stretch out wrap packing material in one linear direction.

The apparatus of claim 7, together with a turntable (133) and whereby the positioning member (120) is mounted on the turntable.

The apparatus of state 7, such as a conveyor (48) and in which the holding fellow member (20) is placed on the conveyor.


History In The INVENTION


The present invention relates to a apparatus and method for wrapping and holding expand wrap packing substance.


When extend wrapping plenty having a page of extend wrap packing fabric, comparable rotation is supplied between a film online dispenser along with a load. This is normally accomplished by one of two approaches. Either the dispenser is rotated around a stationary load, or the load is rotated on a turntable next to a stationary dispenser. With time, expand wrapping technologies have come to be more and more programmed, and clamping plans have produced that complemented and accommodated other highlights of your extend wrapping operation, to carry and release the stretch wrap packing fabric during different stages of your operation. Types of these kinds of clamping plans for extend wrapping models are shown in United states Patent Nos. 4,232,4 and 501,300,326 to 4 and Stackhouse,317,322 to Lancaster et al., that happen to be included herein by guide.


A lot more lately, a parallel belted clamp, demonstrated in Usa Patent No. 4,761,934 to Lancaster, which can be integrated herein by reference, was designed to provide a clamping arrangement that had less prohibitive limitations in placing and handle while in stretch wrapping operations, that reduced lateral movement in the clamp while in operation and also the room required for such activity, that easily oriented alone for the work item which is clamped, and that is certainly effortlessly removed and positioned coming from a function spot without upsetting other operations in the apparatus.

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The apparatus of assert 20, seen as a additional comprising path for severing the packing substance.

The apparatus of declare 20, recognized in that the wrapping fabric holder (110) contains jaws (112, 114) for grasping and holding the internet of packaging materials (116).

The apparatus of assert 20, described because the jaws (112 , 114) are movable among and open position as well as a closed position.

The apparatus of declare 24, characterized because the means for selectively engaging actuates the jaws (112, 114) to move involving the open up and sealed positions.

The apparatus of claim 20, recognized in this the method for selectively stimulating the packaging substance (116) owner consists of an actuator (130).

The apparatus of claim 26, characterized because the actuator (130) is stationed besides the rotatable turntable (122).

The apparatus of assert 20, distinguished for the reason that the method for selectively interesting the wrapping material holder (110) utilizes rotation in the turntable (122) to actuate the packing fabric owner (110).

The apparatus of claim 20, described as additional comprising means for selectively discharging the net of packaging substance (116) through the packing material owner (110) soon after one or more total rotation of your rotatable turntable (122).

The apparatus of state 29, described as further more comprising method for roping the packing substance (116) to the packaging substance owner (110).

The apparatus of declare 30, characterized by further comprising method for severing the packing materials (116).


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A way for expand wrapping a load (36) with a sheet of expand wrap wrapping material (30) comprising:

adhering a prominent stop part (30a) of the page of stretch out wrap packing material (30) to a holding member (20);

dispensing the page of expand wrap packing materials coming from a extend wrap dispenser (28);

providing relative rotation between the dispenser (28) along with the weight (36) to wrap the expand wrap wrapping materials (30) about the load;

delivering the best end part (30a) of the expand wrap packaging substance through the holding fellow member (20);

adhering a trailing conclusion portion (30b) in the stretch wrap wrapping fabric towards the positioning member; and

severing the packaging materials between the weight (36) and the keeping associate (20) whilst continuous to support the stretch out wrap product packaging materials with all the holding participant,

whereby the trailing and leading end portions of the net (30) are presented by way of a keeping means (20) which engages exclusively a single side surface of said trailing and leading portions to securely stick them to said holding indicates (20).

The method of claim 1, wherein the adhering contains holding the key conclusion part (30a) and/or the trailing finish servings (30b) of the sheet of extend wrap packaging material into position versus the retaining associate (20) by using a vacuum (22), or perhaps an sticky surface or perhaps a tacky surface (21).

The approach of claim 1, in which the severing step includes severing the stretch wrap product packaging materials by using a severing gadget in the positioning associate or warming the stretch out wrap product packaging substance by using a popular wire (38) around the holding associate.

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The method of claim 2, recognized in this selectively stimulating the actuator (130) includes fascinating the actuator (130) by using a portion of the packaging fabric owner (110).

The process of assert 1, described for the reason that the immediately delivering contains using motion from the turntable (122) to discharge the wrapping fabric (116) through the packaging materials holder (110).

The approach of declare 1, seen as a further which includes immediately severing the packing material (116).

The process of assert 1, seen as a additional comprising quickly grasping a trailing finish of the together with the product packaging fabric holder (110) with a point upstream in the top rated conclusion.

The method of assert 8, described as further more such as roping the packaging material (116) before immediately grasping the packing materials (116).

The method of state 1, seen as a immediately releasing the packaging fabric (116) from the product packaging materials holder (110) involves releasing the packaging material (116) after wrapping both sides in the stress (124) with a minumum of one covering of wrapping fabric.

The method of claim 1, observed as additional comprising immediately grasping the wrapping materials (116) together with the packing materials owner (110) subsequent to instantly releasing the packing material.

The process of declare 11, characterized by grasping the product packaging substance (116) with a product packaging material owner (110) involves grasping a prominent stop of the packing materials.

The method of state 12, characterized by instantly grasping the product packaging materials (116) contains grasping a trailing stop of the product packaging materials (116) with a point upstream of your top conclusion.

The method of state 1, seen as a further more comprising making use of the rotation of the turntable (122) to move the packaging material holder (110) into a position to engage a trailing end from the packaging fabric (116).

The technique of claim 1, characterized for the reason that grasping a prominent end of wrapping substance (116) includes grasping the packaging materials (116) with jaws (112, 114) of the packaging materials owner (110).

The method of claim 1, distinguished for the reason that the product packaging substance owner (110) consists of jaws (112, 114), and where selectively interesting the actuator (130) starts up the jaws (112, 114) of the product packaging material holder (110).

The method of state 16, recognized for the reason that only rotation from the rotatable turntable (122) removers the key stop in the packing material (116) from your wide open jaws (112, 114) in the packing materials owner (110).

The process of assert 1, described as more comprising quickly grasping a trailing end of your wrapping materials (116) because the product packaging substance (116) approaches the side of the stress (124).

The technique of claim 1, described as additional comprising instantly grasping a trailing finish of your product packaging fabric (116) with a predetermined position in between the dispenser as well as the fill (124).

An apparatus for wrapping a lot (124) with product packaging substance (116) comprising:

a dispenser for dispensing a web-based of wrapping materials (116);

a rotatable turntable (122) for offering comparable rotation in between the dispenser along with the load (124) to wrap the internet of packaging materials (116) around the sides in the fill (124);

a product packaging materials owner (110) attached to the rotatable turntable (122) for automatically releasing and grasping the world wide web of packaging material (116); and

means for selectively interesting the wrapping fabric holder (110) to automatically launch the internet of packing material (116);

the apparatus getting distinguished in this the packaging fabric owner (110) is separated through the electric powered or substance source of energy from the rotatable turntable (122).

The apparatus of declare 20, characterized by additional comprising method for roping the wrapping substance (116) in the wrapping material holder (110).

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According to one aspect of the present invention, the apparatus may include means for securing a trailing end of packaging material to the load. The means for securing includes a film wipedown mechanism for wiping a film tail onto the load after the packaging material has been cut, as embodied herein. As shown in Fig. 1, the film wipedown mechanism 180 involves wash loops 182 along with a wash arm 184. This allows a film tail to become washed to load 124 since the wrapping materials 116 is minimize.


Other cutters and wipedown arrangements may also be used.


According to the present invention is shown in Figs a method for wrapping a load. 5 – 11. As demonstrated in Fig. According to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, a load 124 is conveyed by a conveyor 118 to a turntable assembly 120 in the wrapping station and load 124 is positioned on top of rotatable turntable 122 of turntable assembly 120, 5 and. Jaws 112, 114 of packaging fabric owner 110 maintain a leading conclusion segment 30 of your roped page of product packaging materials 116, ideally stretch out wrap wrapping fabric. Cog 132 is positioned at a downstream stop of packaging material holder 110, and jaws 112, 114 are placed in the upstream finish of packing material owner 110, and camera follower 158 is placed towards the upstream aspect of ramp 150 (Fig. 5).


Rotatable turntable 122 begins to spin and wrapping substance 116 is dispensed from dispenser 102 about weight 124. Wheel 41 engages the lower edge of the packaging material, ensuring that the packaging material passes over packaging material holder 110 and does not become caught on it, as packaging material 116 passes over packaging material holder 110. This avoids a “tenting” effect and permits restricted wrapping of your weight. Stress 124 is spirally wrapped with product packaging fabric 116 as dispenser 102 movements up and down together mast 104 because the family member rotation is supplied.


As the load is wrapped and rotatable turntable 122 enters the last rotation of the wrapping cycle, see Fig. 6, a pin 130 linked to a low-spinning section of turntable assembly 120 is actuated with the control, shifting coming from a no-erect position to a vertical position. As the turntable 122 rotates, pin 130 engages engaging element 134 of cog 132, located on top of rotatable turntable 122 of turntable assembly 120. Pin 130 brings about cog 132 to advance upstream (within a direction reverse to that of the rotation) down the leading surface of rotatable turntable 122 of turntable assembly 120 as rotation persists.


The movement causes cam follower 158 to move up onto the top of ramp 150, to the start of downstream path 152, as cog 132 moves. When cam follower 158 goes to the peak of ramp 150, jaws 112, 114 open up, immediately issuing top finish segment 30 of product packaging substance 116 (see Fig. 7). Furthermore, dispenser 102 is shut down to tension the film among load 124 and dispenser 102.


It drives jaws 112, 114 downstream along a downstream path 152 of ramp 150, as cog 132 moves. At the same time, scooping component 140 actually starts to transfer from the retracted position with an erect position, scooping a trailing conclusion 32 of wrapping materials 116 right into a rope 118. As jaws 112, 114 consistently move downstream, they stay available, receiving trailing stop 32 of packaging substance 116 shaped into rope 118 as scooping aspect 140 actually reaches its complete erect position (see Fig. 8). Cam follower 158 reaches the end of path 152 and rolls off the end of ramp 150, causing jaws 112, 114 to automatically clamp shut on and grasp trailing end 32 of roped packaging material 116, as cog 132 reaches the upstream end of packaging material holder 110.


As scooping element 140 is transferring from the retracted position to the full upright position (see Fig. 9), actuation lever 144 goes through the free position to the get in touch with position, triggering cutter 142 to damage packing material 116 involving jaws load, 114 and 112 124 right after jaws 112, 114 have immediately grasped the trailing finish 32 of packing fabric 116. As well, pin 130 experiences relieve aspect 138 in the upstream conclusion of packaging substance holder 110, which knocks pin 130 into its no-erect position, triggering it to disengage from cog 132.


When jaws 112, 114 have reached the downstream conclusion of product packaging material owner 110, they hold and grasp trailing end 32 of packing fabric 116. Packaging material 116 stretches involving dispenser 102, jaws 112, 114, and fill 124. The tension in product packaging fabric 116 among dispenser 102 and jaws 112, 114 leads to jaws 112, 114 to advance upstream towards the dispenser (see Fig. 10). Jaws 112, 114 relocate upstream as camera follower 158 journeys along upstream pathway 154 of ramp 150 responding for the force exerted from the packing materials. Simply because cam follower 158 can vacation beneath the drifting cam (ramp 150) because it results upstream, as an alternative to touring on top of ramp 150, jaws 112, 114 continue to be close because they vacation upstream. As jaws 112, 114 holding trailing end 32 of packaging material 116 move upstream, packaging material 116 is tensioned between jaws load, 112 and 114 124. Because of the relative movement of the packaging material holder, packaging material 116 then breaks at the weakened portion between load 124 and jaws114 and 112, rather than between the packaging material holder and the dispenser. This provides a true automatic operation by preserving the packing fabric to get kept in the wrapping material holder during, before and after severing.

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Packaging material holder 110 is mounted on the top surface of rotatable turntable 122, and jaws 112,114 of packaging material holder 110 are actuated to automatically open and close at predetermined points along the length of ramp 150 of packaging material holder 110, as discussed above. As embodied herein, packaging material holder 110 is isolated from any electrical or fluid source of power by the turntable, in contrast to conventional devices in which the packaging material holder is connected to an electrical or fluid source of power by the turntable such as by a power connection through the journal of the turntable to the packaging material holder. Consequently the packaging materials holder also does not receive any electric or liquid strength from brushes, or even the like, close to a circumference in the turntable. The rotatable turntable 122 for that reason is not going to carry electrical or water strength places by using it while in acts and rotation like a buffer in between the packing material owner and then any electric or liquid supply of energy.


This enables the present invention to take advantage of the shifting from the angle from the product packaging materials relative to the stress because the turntable rotates. The rotation of your turntable is harnessed to linearly transfer the wrapping materials owner over the turntable surface. Over the past rotation in the turntable, as being the position will become smaller along with the product packaging fabric approaches one side of the weight, the packaging material owner is powered from the rotation from the turntable in to a position to interact with the trailing end from the packing material.


In the preferred embodiment, as demonstrated in Fig. 2, the activity of your turntable is commonly used to move jaws 112, 114, closing and opening jaws 112, 114 to instantly relieve and grasp, respectively, packing materials 116. As discussed above, cog element 132 cooperates with pin 130 to move jaws 112, 114 relative to rotatable turntable 122 and thereby open and close jaws 112, 114. Pin 130 might be actuated to go through the no-up-right position on the up-right position in a predetermined reason for the wrapping cycle from the controller. If possible, pin 130 is actuated over the last rotation from the wrapping routine, and most ideally during the last quarter change in the wrapping routine, to engage cog 132. The rotation of the turntable can be used to move cog 132, because cog 132 moves with rotatable surface 122 of turntable 120. If cog 132 moves to the left, jaws 112,114 will move to the right, Cog 132 is moveably connected to jaws 112, 114 such that. If cog 132 is moved to the right, jaws 112, 114 will move to the left, alternatively. Thus, it will be the rotation of your turntable, as opposed to an electrical or substance power source carried with the revolving turntable, that is utilized to maneuver and thus automatically close and open jaws 112, 114.


Other mechanized actions which include a variety of combinations of mechanized or electric devices may be used to result in opening and movement and shutting down of jaws 112, 114. Additionally, turntable 122 may not rotate whilst the wrapping material is automatically unveiled and grasped by the product packaging materials holder. In this particular situation, packaging material holder 110 may be operated from a individual source of energy for instance a motor located on the floor or near the turntable.


A roper may be provided for forming a rope of packaging material, according to one aspect of the invention. As discussed herein, “roping” packaging material means rolling or twisting or collapsing a portion of the web of packaging material 116 to shape it into a rope-like form. So that you can stand up to a starting power while in wrapping, a minimum of 20Per cent of your web of packaging fabric 116 should be organised through the packaging materials owner. For example, an online of packaging substance fifteen (20) inches higher could have a five (5) or half a dozen (6) ” section created into a rope. This enables the jaws 112, 114 to participate a rope 118 along with a part of the online of packaging materials 116, instead of retaining only a modest part of the wrapping material 116 involving the opposition surfaces. As found in Figs. 2 and 1, jaws 112, 114 can grasp a substantial cross section of the web of packing material 116 when it has been roped. This provides the less area of the internet of packaging material 116 involving jaws 112,114 and dispenser 102 the triangular form seen in Figs. 2 and 1. As embodied herein and proven in Fig. 4, the roper includes scooping factor 140, that is attached to and moveable with jaws 112, 114 of packaging materials holder 110. 114 and scooping element 140 relocate coupled downstream course 152, they transfer from your level position to a vertical position, as jaws 112. As scooping element 140 changes position, it captures the web of packaging material 116 and rolls the packaging material 116 into a rope 118 as it moves into the full upright position.


Even though the present invention, as embodied herein, uses a scoop for raping, it is feasible to utilize a wheel to roll the reduced side of the wrapping substance up produce a rope of packaging material or to employ a blend of a scoop plus a wheel. Additionally, other implies for instance a ramp enables you to collect the wrapping fabric together produce a rope.


A positioner could be supplied for moving the product packaging materials over the packaging material owner throughout wrapping. As embodied herein and shown in Figs. 3 and 4, the positioner for moving the product packaging materials around product packaging fabric owner contains wheel 141. Wheel 141 rolls a reduced fringe of wrapping materials 116 since it passes by more than wheel 141, raising it above packing materials owner 110. Thus it triggers packaging materials 116 to pass above wrapping materials holder 110, steering clear of the tenting result of cases in the previous craft.


As embodied herein and shown in Fig. 3, a packing material weakener is provided for weakening the wrapping fabric 116 between your load 124 as well as the dispenser 102. The product packaging fabric holder 110 ideally contains a cutter 142. Cutter 142 can include an opposed decreasing aspect, including scissors, or even a individual decreasing aspect like a razor blade. Cutter 142 is linked to an actuation lever 144 which movements with jaws 112, 114. Actuation lever 144 is moveable from a free of charge position plus a make contact with position. As jaws 112, 114 move along downstream path 152, jaws 112, 114 open, automatically releasing packaging material 116, scooping element 140 moves upward to scoop the lower edge of the web of packaging material 116 into a rope 118, and actuator lever 144 moves from the free position to the contact position. When actuation lever 144 is in the speak to position, cutter 142 is stimulated to diminish packaging substance 116 by slicing no less than a portion of the website of packing substance 116, such as the rope 118 of packing material 116.

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Although not demonstrated in this article, turntable assembly 120 may include an top conveying surface using a plurality of run rollers. Relative rotation may be accomplished by rotating dispenser 102 around a stationary load, as an alternative to the turntable embodiment.


A packaging material holder for automatically releasing and grasping portions of the packaging material is provided, according to the present invention. As embodied herein and shown in Figs. 1-4, the product packaging materials owner contains wrapping material owner 110, attached to rotatable turntable 122 of turntable assembly 120. Packing fabric owner 110 contains a clamp forgrasping and holding, and delivering packing material 116, along with a mechanized movement for actuating the clamp. A roper for generating a rope of the wrapping material, as well as a packing substance weakener for weakening the packaging substance prior to severing are given as well in this embodiment.


The clamp for holding and releasing product packaging substance 116, as displayed in Figs. 1 – 4, preferably includes opposed surfaces for grasping the wrapping substance 116, such as jaws 112, 114. Jaws 112, 114 may be created from any perfect materials, including steel or plastic-type material, and also in any perfect design which can permit the jaws to hold and grasp the packing material with out severing it. Jaws 112, 114 are if possible mounted on a rail placed on the turntable allowing jaws 112, 114 to convert relative to Other substitute embodiments from the product packaging fabric owner may include other agreements say for example a single unopposed packaging fabric stimulating surface, for instance a tacky or tacky surface for holding the product packaging substance, or in some instances, a vacuum surface.


As demonstrated in Figs. 3 and 4, the technical movements is mounted on the rotatable turntable and contains a drifting camera in the form of a ramp 150 attached to rotatable turntable 122 for assisting the packaging materials holder 110 around the turntable assembly 120. The top surface of ramp 150 kinds a downstream pathway 152 at the initially elevation, and also the lower surface of ramp 150 from an upstream pathway 154 with a 2nd, reduce height. “Upstream” and “downstream,” as employed herein, usually are meant to establish the direction of movement relative to the flow of packaging material in the dispenser 102. As a result, ever since the wrapping material moves from the dispenser, movement toward the dispenser and against the circulation of packaging substance from your dispenser is defined as “upstream” and movement from the dispenser along with the flow of product packaging substance from the dispenser is defined as “downstream.” The leading end 30 of packaging material 116 is downstream of the trailing end 32 of packaging material 116, as used herein.


The mechanical movement also includes a cam follower 158, which allows jaws 112, 114 to travel on the paths 152, 154 of ramp 150, as embodied herein. As shown in Fig. 5, the camera follower 158 is placed at an upstream stop of ramp 150 when holding the packing fabric throughout wrapping. Upon actuation of packaging material holder 110, cam follower 158 techniques to the top in the upstream stop of ramp 150 then moves along downstream course 152. Activity of camera follower 158 up into the upper surface of ramp 150 automatically leads to jaws 112, 114 of packing material owner 110 to look at. Jaws 112, 114 keep wide open so long as cam follower 158 is shifting across the downstream route 152 of ramp 150. Once cam follower 158 reaches the final of downstream path 152 of ramp 150, cam follower 158 rolls from the finish of ramp 150. Cam follower 158 moving away from the end of ramp 150 quickly leads to jaws 112, 114 to close. As used herein, the term “automatically” is intended to mean that manual assistance is normally not required.

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The following text and accompanying drawings demonstrate instances of the current preferred embodiments from the existing invention.


An apparatus is provided for wrapping a load with packaging material, according to the invention. As embodied herein and shown in Figs. 1 and 2, an apparatus for wrapping a lot with product packaging material is often selected with the reference numeral 100 and incorporates a packing fabric dispenser, means for delivering comparable rotation between a stress along with the dispenser, plus a product packaging fabric holder.


As demonstrated in Fig. 1, a dispenser 102 is provided for dispensing packing material. Packaging fabric dispenser 102 dispenses a sheet of product packaging fabric 116 in the website develop. Product packaging materials dispenser 102 incorporates a roll carriage 109 that supports a roll of wrapping material 108. Roll carriage 109 of dispenser 102 is attached to and vertically moveable on a mast 104, shown in Fig. 1, to distribute packing material 116 spirally about load 124 as rotation is supplied among weight 124 and dispenser 102. Roll carriage 109, as embodied herein and proven in Fig. 1, incorporates a help for packaging material roll 108 and method for moving forward mast 104. On the other hand, roll carriage 109 may include a pot for keeping wrapping materials roll 108, along with a slit for dispensing packing fabric 116 from wrapping materials roll 108.


In a favored embodiment, stretch wrap product packaging material is commonly used. In the extend wrapping art, expand wrap packaging material may have a high generate coefficient to allow the information a substantial amount of stretch out during wrapping. Many other product packaging materials, typically not regarded as being stretch out wrap components, such as strapping, banding and netting and tape, bring effectively. Dispenser 102 could also involve a variety of rollers, optionally which include prestretch rollers for stretching the wrapping materials longitudinally and/or transversely, to position, dispense, and extend the product packaging fabric as product packaging fabric 116 is now being dispensed in the roll of packaging material.


As demonstrated in Figs. 2 and 1, apparatus 100 involves means for providing relative rotation in between the dispenser along with the weight to wrap wrapping material throughout the stress. As embodied herein, the means for providing relative rotation include a conventional turntable assembly 120. Turntable assembly 120 includes a rotatable turntable 122. Turntable assembly 120 could be situated proximate a conveyor to obtain a load 124 to be wrapped from the stress building area. Weight 124 is rotated by rotatable turntable 122 of turntable assembly 120 to supply general movement involving dispenser 102 and load 124.

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More advantages and features of the invention will be established from the explanation which practices, and in aspect will likely be obvious through the information, or could be figured out by exercise of the invention. The objects as well as other great things about the invention will be realized and attained from the apparatus and method specifically noted from the written description and claims and also the appended drawings.


It will be comprehended that the two foregoing basic explanation and also the pursuing comprehensive information are exemplary and explanatory and are intended to supply further explanation in the invention as claimed. The associated drawings are provided to provide a further more knowledge of the invention and they are integrated in and comprise an element of the specification, demonstrate an embodiment of the invention, and with the outline serve to describe the guidelines of the invention.

Fig. 1A can be a perspective look at the burden wrapping apparatus of your current invention;

Fig. 1B is actually a top view of the load wrapping apparatus of Fig. 1A;

Fig. 2 is an bigger fragmentary standpoint take a look at apparatus displayed in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3A can be a point of view look at the wrapping material holder from the current invention;

Fig. 3B can be a standpoint take a look at the packaging materials holder of Fig. 3A mounted on a turntable;

Fig. 4A is actually a viewpoint view exhibiting the packing material owner of Fig. 3 from an reverse aspect;

Fig. 4B is really a point of view take a look at the packaging materials owner of Fig. 4A mounted on a turntable; and

Figs. 5 – 11 are schematics demonstrating motion in the packaging substance owner in the wrapping process of the current invention.