tyre packing machine is more than

[0012] Ideally, the sticky implies makes up mentioned inner flange indicates are respectively mounted on the installing program of the two two linear information, are attached to the linear guide can slide alongside a linear guideline bracket, the top of the each capabilities in to the briquetting, briquetting in to the inside part of your disc-designed strain plate, two to the briquetting tension platter relative to lamination.

[0013] Preferably, the stated tension dish, respectively chopping and cutting platen stress platter, the strain dish diameter smaller than the slicing slicing pressure plate size, reducing in to the area from the tension plate is mounted on a lid-like compact in the blade protect , blade protect is attached inside of the annular temperature cutter, the annular heat cutter in cutting the outer circumference of the platen, is provided by using a by means of opening in the compact, the via golf hole is connected to squander recuperation, which include recovery in the spend into the briquetting vias link the trachea, air flow pump linked to the trachea.

[0014] a tire making use of the wheel tyre packing machine packing technique, tyre packaging phase as follows:

[0015] I) will be put into the vertical wheel standing vertical in the gadget to send out auto tires;

[0016] 2) tire tread parcel shipping to products, to mention wheel signifies the wheel lift gadget package deal wheel tread activity round the packing tape wrapped in tire tread;

[0017] 3) point out wheel means the tire straight down, the outer packaging adhesive tape cutting device and bonding at equally ends, whilst the outside diamond ring bonding gadget will cut off the packing tape from your opposite end using the package tire adhesion device attached;

[0018] 4) car tires mailed towards the wheel internal connecting apparatus, packing tape flanging gadget will flip to the tire internal fringe of the tyre packaging adhesive tape within the sidewall;

[0019] 5) inside connecting system will roll to the tire interior tyre packaging with sticky;

[0020] 6) auto tires delivered to baking tightening up units, heating system packing adhesive tape, packing tape so tightened tightly protect in the wheel.

[0021] The current tyre packing machine has got the positive aspects that: the tire packing machine and packaging techniques, with personal references towards the tire tread gadget could be situated around the serving gadget feeding the location needs reduced, wheel tread way parcels Packaging Adhesive tape around the wheel tread interconnection size is quick, as well as the connection level located only around the outside circumference of the wheel to a point, reducing the wheel could be broken throughout coping with, to boost the beauty of the package deal, and generates less waste tyre packaging packaging materials usage, affordable packaging, the package flange beams and tire device gadget installation foundation height may be tweaked, so the tire tyre packing machine packing different dimensions auto tires, compatibility, resource owner with two warming connecting the adhesive page and the internal annular warmth cutter device to lower and even prevent the package created using the heating method of the make contact with adhesive, the sticky work surface to ensure the aesthetics in the packaging buckle tightening up gadget preparing near laminating the surface of the wheel, to enhance the tightness of your robustness and package.

tyre packingmachine is in excess of the duration of device

[0009] If at all possible, the exterior ring of mentioned sticky implies comprises two tyre packing machine symmetrically established arm, uppr arm linked to the structure through a shaft, linked to the lower arm with knife, knife on two arm frame relative to lamination, turret has three information lines, every single manual groove or home heating had been installed a baffle platter bonding, heating connecting plate baffles and all through the spring season with one finish linked to the underside guide slot, the length of the baffle warming the adhesive page is greater than the duration of the tool holder is mounted on each of two heating system the adhesive dish, knife is additionally placed on the shearing blades, the shearing blade is situated between your two platter temperature connecting, two knife general tension co-place is with the greatest position packages wheel indicates underneath the beams.

[0010] If at all possible, said flange implies includes two symmetrically disposed installing program, through the lifting screw mounting system mounted on the vertical base of the system to send out wheel, two installation platform tire delivery implies are situated by two top to bottom two parallel discovery sequence is placed on the installing system women auxiliary bracket of tyre packing packing machine, center bracket is mounted auxiliary guideline shaft, the guideline shaft is mounted over the axis of the moving guide framework, a plurality of moving the bracket using the information shaft since the heart diverging outside guide groove, the information groove of your auxiliary frame is fitted strut corresponding placement, the guideline groove is fitted to slip along the information groove action block, the movable block is attached to the lively lever, the energetic lever along with the movable prevent at one particular conclusion from a shaft attached , the core of the lively lever by way of a shaft and strut relationship flange coupled to the bottom model more comprises promoting means located underneath the enthusiast.

[0011] Preferably, explained information groove to 3, guide lines are correspondingly to the centre guide shaft 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock direction from the tire in the lively lever to initiate a active handle as well as two movable rod, a movable rod from the shaft with two movable rod associated with a movable rod fitted wave swept the top plate, two activities and sports bars and strut prevent links, links with the remainder of the place movable rod linked likewise; leftover positions routines ancillary activities also installed pole rod movable rod idea is additionally linked to waves sweeping drive, auxiliary movable rod end plate and wave capturing from the shaft coupled to the other end of your auxiliary actions throughout the shaft and lever connectingpole and rod, energetic handle, auxiliary movable rod, surf sweep plate forming a parallelogram railing tyre packing machine companies have hard drive surface influx sweeping clean.

tyre packingmachine is more than the size of device

[0004] The present tyre packing machine aims to supply a solid and strong packing, packaging, higher productivity, higher usage of wrappingpackaging and materials, and inexpensive in the tire packing machines, along with take advantage of this wheel packing machine packing approach.

[0005] The present tyre packing machine is actually a tire packing devices, makes up a vertical wheel delivering system, deliver the vertical wheel tread means mailing get in the path over the tread wrapping means is fitted, the tire internal adhesive implies, preparing tightening up system, The tire tread of the wrapping means consists of a carrier, the carrier is placed on the serving gadget, such as wheel apparatus point out tire signifies, the exterior sticky signifies, the feed device is found above the device package deal tire, a wheel inside adhesive implies contains flange implies, the inner bonding device, the inner adhesive implies mounted on the flange implies.

[0006] Ideally, the wheel of the shipping and delivery system consists of a vertical basic, mounted on the bottom of the conveying means, said conveying signifies makes up two parallel chains, a plurality of vertically installed between your sequence and the chain movements direction from the nightclub, a gap between your pub along with the identical period of time, the wheel tread wrapping system placed on the base structure.

[0007] If possible, said tread deal makes up two symmetrically fitted in the carrier shaft tyre packing machine chair and chair placed on the shaft of your shaft, the shaft are installed on the thrive, the left arm is mounted involving the top to bottom beams, beams bolted on the exchange left arm, the beam features a package deal with fixed installment.

[0008] Preferably, the reference to the wheel, comprising two vertical cylinders hooked up in sequence, the top of the the cylinder and connected to the chassis is linked to the cylinder beneath the horizontal side rails, horizontal rails attached to two sliders of tyre packing machine , the slider can push along the horizontal rails, slip attached turn inward to bring up tire claw.

tyre packingmachine is more than the duration of equipment

10 Use according to claim I wherein the tire tire package packaging machine, characterized in that the packaging process is as follows: 1) standing upright up-right in the wheel tread vertical shipping indicates; 2) transferred towards the wheel tread wrapping device, the device will bring up tire wheel raise gadget bundle fetal activity around the wheel tread, the wheel tread wrapped in packing tape on; 3) talk about tire indicates the wheel straight down, the outer packaging adhesive adhesive tape decreasing tool and two conclusion connecting, bonding system as the exterior ring will shut down the other finish from the packing adhesive tape adhesive experience of the bundle wheel model; 4) car tires mailed towards the wheel interior connecting device, gadget packaging tape flanging side turning towards the wheel inside circle the packaging adhesive tape within the sidewall; 5) internal bonding gadget will roll up to the tire internal packaging with adhesive; 6) auto tires delivered to baking tightening up gadgets, home heating packing tape, packing adhesive tape to tighten up the , snugly protect in the tire.

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Wheel packing machine and packing strategy

Modern technology

[0001] The current tyre packing machine pertains to a packaging machine and packaging strategy, especially, is a packaging machine for packaging wheel and a wheel using this packing machine packing approach.

Track record

Which uses ribbon packing materials, wrapping machine with a tire package material circle around the ribbon, wrapped around the edges overlapping tires, packaged this way because of overlapping winding, a large amount of packaging materials, packaging costs are high, serious waste of packaging materials and packaging easy to loose, poor stability, packaging, slow, packaging production is low, [0002] The tire packing methods are available for the wound.

[0003] previously patent “Tire packing machine” (Patent No. ZL99117123. There are still many shortcomings, packaging molded together under the upper die of packaging, packaging tires need accurate positioning, position requirements, packaging technology requirements, the connection length long, the upper die and the lower die junction is located in the outer tread last week, totally exposed on the outside of the tire transportation prone to damage in the process, a solid weak, and the packing effect unsightly outer adhesive as a whole, produce more waste packaging, packaging material utilization is low, the packaging cost is high, although 3) the design of a tire packaging equipment, use of non-wrapped style packaging.

Breakdown Of THE tyre packing machine

tyre packingmachine is higher than the size of equipment

As reported in assert 6, in which the wheel packing machine, recognized in that explained guideline groove (33) for the about three guideline grooves (33) in the guideline shaft (31) as a middle to the 3 o’clock direction, respectively, 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock, tire handle in to the Agency’s pursuits (35) is divided in a movable rod (35 ‘) and 2 movable rod (35 “), a movable rod (35’) throughout the shaft with two Levels the lively lever (35 “) associated with a movable rod (35 ‘) is installed to the top plate wave sweep (37), the supplementary movable rod of tyre packing machine as well as the rod (34) along with the movable block, connecting indicates with the remainder of the spot of your movable rod (35) linked in the same manner; the rest position the movable rod (35) is additionally attached to the supplementary movable rod (38), the active handle (35) is also coupled to the top of influx sweep platter (37), the auxiliary movable rod (38) – end from the influx sweep platter (37) by a shaft coupled to the auxiliary movable rod (38) through a shaft along with the other end of your strut (34) linked to rod (34), the energetic lever (35), the additional movable rod ( 38), waves sweep plate (37) produce a parallelogram railing agencies, waves sweep plate (37) has a work surface remember to brush.

As stated in declare I whereby the tire tyre packing machine, described in this mentioned inner adhesive means (7) are mounted on the flange makes up indicates (6) two mounting program (28) around the two linear information side rails (39), linear information of tyre packing machine are mounted along the linear guide (39) slipping bracket (40), owner (40) in the top have got a lightweight (41), to the briquetting (41 ) within a hard drive-molded pressure platter, two stretching out clamps (41) from the stress plate relative to nip.

(10) according to tyre packing machine, wherein the tire packing machine, characterized in that said pressure plate, respectively chopping platen (42) and the cutting pressure plate (43), the cutting platen (43) smaller in diameter than chopping platen ( 42) the diameter of the cutting pressure plate (43) extending into the side clamps (41) mounted on a lid-shaped blade cover (44) and blade cover (44) is mounted within an annular heat cutter (45), cyclic heat cutter (45) in the cutting pressure plate (43) on the outer periphery, into the clamps (41) is provided with a through hole, the through hole is connected to waste recovery, including recovery of the waste into the clamps (41 ) connected via the trachea, air pump connected with the trachea.

tyre packingmachine is in excess of the duration of equipment

As reported in claim I wherein the wheel packing machine, described for the reason that stated tread lift up gadget (4), contains a straight course of these two cylinders are connected in sequence, the top of the cylinder (18) using the rack (I) linked, and the lower cylinder (18 ‘) is linked to a horizontal guide rail (19), horizontal side rails (19) is installed on two sliders (20), slip (20) movable together horizontal rails (19) glide, the slip ( 20) placed on a wheel supplied with inwardly turn pawl (21).

5 in accordance with state I in which the wheel tyre packing machine, distinguished in this stated outer connecting indicates (5) makes up two symmetrically arranged arm (22), arm (22) attached to the upper end by way of a shaft Holder (I), the arm (22) attached to a lesser blade holder (23), two arm (23) about the holder (23) in accordance with pressing, the tool mind (23) is supplied with about three guide grooves , each guideline groove are respectively connected to the bezel (24) or warming the adhesive plate (25), baffle (24) along with the home heating the sticky platter (25) – equally comes to an end with a springtime (26) attached to the bottom from the manual groove, tyre packingmachine is in excess of the duration of the heating system the sticky plate (25) in length, each blade owner (23) comes with two warming the sticky dish (25), is likewise mounted on the reducing blade blade (27) , shear blade (27) found between the two heating system the adhesive plate (25), in between two device mind (23) relative to the job of urgent indicates in wheel package deal (3) beams (16) underneath the top place.

As professed in claim I wherein the wheel packing machine, characterized because explained flange means (6) makes up two symmetrically disposed mounting program (28), installation platform (28) by the weightlifting screw (29) mounted delivering means from the top to bottom basic wheel (9), the two installation program (28) implies can be found by two parallel straight wheel delivery service chain (11) either side from the installation system (28) is mounted on the auxiliary structure (30 ), auxiliary structure (30) installed together with the heart guide shaft (31), the guide shaft (31) is placed on movable along the information shaft (31) the slipping bracket (32), slide the bracket (32) is provided having a plurality guide shaft (31) because the heart outward inside a guideline groove (33), auxiliary framework (30) of your guide groove (33) is fitted a corresponding situation strut (34), the manual groove (33) is mounted across the internal manual lines (33) slidably movable prohibit, the movable block is set up on the energetic lever (35), the lively handle (35) – finish from the movable block through the shaft relationship, the productive handle (35) by a shaft and the middle strut tyre packaging machine is connected , flange means (6) placed on the basic further includes (9) on the promoting means tyre packing machine below the fan (36).

tyre wrapping machine with automated stretch wrapping

about the wheel implies the tire down, as well as the exterior connecting arm 22 inwardly device 5, the arm 22 of these two knife 23 shut, the baffle 24 is higher than the length of the heating platter 25 is bonded the duration of the instrument owner 23 in the baffle 24 in the initially connection with packaging tape, two baffles 24, the two inward merger would Tape Lamination, instrument 23 persists inward merging, baffles 24 container rehabilitation wizard, and after that heating the sticky as well as the strain platter 25 along with make contact with tyre packaging, the packaging with sticky, as each holder 23 is attached to the dish 25, two heating the sticky, the adhesive packaging tape sticky surface area is actually created of two, device 23 will continue to inward and warmed up adhesive dish 25 reservoir rehabilitation wizard, shearing blade 27 close up, the 2 no-adhesive work surface adhesion between your packing tape reducing, packing adhesive tape is cut and manufactured with both connecting, whilst tyre packaging tape is cut one other end of the tire means the package deal mending model 17 3 Adhesive tape tyre packaging machine with sticky staying in the relationship indicates 3 will make offers proceed taking wheel deal covered using a total tire tread;

[0042] 4) auto tires mailed to the wheel inside bonding apparatus, flanging product 6 in the tire in a movable rod 35 ‘is sent in parallel to the straight route from the wheel tread gadget to send out, flanging device 6 into the core of the wheel, Push the sliding bracket 32, the movable rod 35 inwardly pushed recuperation, a movable rod 35 ‘is also inward trying to recycle, active lever 35 to the top from the influx sweep plate 37 will wrap band side of the wheel inside turn the base of the fan 36 packaging band benefit upwards blowing, there will be no movable rod 35 underneath the packing adhesive tape, change to the wheel inside edge of the tyre packaging machine tape fully within the sidewall;

[0043] 5) on both aspects of the inside bonding system 7 Slip the brackets 40, 41 are driven by either side from the pressure platter into the briquetting merger will suppress varus packing tape, packing blade corners covers 44 with stress slicing board in the platen 42, the annular heat cutter 45 will roll up to the tire internal packaging with adhesive, the adhesive work surface after rotating slicing, packaging tape following slicing spend throughout the through hole 41 to the small is spend recovery taken, the inner connecting gadget 7 homing;

[0044] 6) wheels mailed to preparing tightening up gadget 8, home heating packing tape, packing tape so tightened firmly cover about the tire.

tyre wrapping machine with auto stretch wrapping

internal bonding product 7 makes up gadgets had been placed in 6 two flange installation system 28 on two linear tutorials 39 are installed on a linear guideline 39 down the linear information 39 with slipping bracket 40, bracket 40 on the top use a stretching out briquetting 41, 41 to the on the inside of a briquetting strain dish, disc-formed, two in to the briquetting tension platter 41 may be reasonably lamination.

[0037] Figure 7, the interior adhesive signifies 7 from the strain dish 42 respectively, cutting and chopping platen strain plate 43, the decreasing diameter of the pressure plate 43 strain dish 42 is smaller than the diameter chopping, slicing, stress platter 43 – the side in the clamps tyre packing machine is placed on a lid-like include 44 from the blade, the blade protect 44 is fitted in an annular temperature cutter 45, the annular warmth cutter 45 is slicing the outer circumference in the stress platter 43, in the clamps 41 is supplied using a through pit , vias associated with waste rehabilitation, like the recovery of scrap briquetting 41 stretches by means of hole connecting the trachea, oxygen push linked to the trachea.

[0038] The wheels of your tire tyre packaging machine packaging operations distinct embodiments are listed below:

[0039] I) will probably be positioned in the straight tire ranking erect in the device to send wheels, auto tires positioned using the straight nightclub in between the two units to deliver wheels, sequence generate side rails so that the wheel movements;

[0040] 2) tire tread package shipping and delivery to gadgets, to note two cylinders tire device 4 extends down the horizontal side rails 19, 19 on two horizontal side rails slider 20 on the horizontal middle rail 19 glides, producing installation The mention of the slider 20 into the wheel internal wheel claw 21 wheel grasp, two tube recycling, tire lift up the feeding gadget 2 in the packing adhesive tape device 3 is associated with pack wheel beam 16 lighting fixtures on Adhesive tape 17, the packet shift device 3 wheel left arm 15 to spin the shaft 14 as being the center, led the pack having a beam 16 in the feeding product 2 is drawn out and around the wheel tread promotion will wrap adhesive tape round the wheel tread;

tyre wrapping machine with automatic stretch wrapping

interior connecting product 7 comprises gadgets were actually set up in 6 two flange installation foundation 28 on two linear instructions 39 are placed on a linear information 39 down the linear guideline 39 with moving bracket 40, bracket 40 at the top possess a stretches briquetting 41, 41 in the on the inside of a briquetting pressure dish, disc-formed, two into the briquetting pressure dish 41 can be relatively lamination.

[0037] Shape 7, the inner sticky signifies 7 inside the strain platter 42 respectively, cutting and chopping platen strain platter 43, the slicing diameter of your strain platter 43 strain platter 42 is small compared to the diameter chopping, slicing, strain platter 43 – along side it to the clamps tyre packing machine is placed on a lid-like deal with 44 in the knife, the knife protect 44 is mounted inside an annular heating cutter 45, the annular warmth cutter 45 is decreasing the external circumference in the tension platter 43, to the clamps 41 is supplied by using a by way of opening , vias linked with waste recuperation, including the recuperation of scrap briquetting 41 stretches by way of hole connecting the trachea, atmosphere push associated with the trachea.

[0038] The tires from the wheel tyre packaging machine packaging processes particular embodiments are the following:

[0039] I) is going to be placed in the top to bottom wheel ranking upright in the product to send out wheels, auto tires put together with the top to bottom pub between your two gadgets to transmit wheels, chain drive side rails so that the tire movements;

[0040] 2) tire tread parcel delivery to devices, to note two cylinders tire device 4 expands on the horizontal side rails 19, 19 on two horizontal side rails slider 20 on the horizontal centre rail 19 glides, creating installation The reference to the slider 20 in the tire inner wheel claw 21 tire grasp, two tube trying to recycle, wheel lift up the feeding product 2 in the packing adhesive tape system 3 is associated with pack tire ray 16 fixtures on Tape 17, the package exchange gadget 3 tire arm 15 to spin the shaft 14 as the middle, led the pack by using a beam 16 through the serving system 2 is pulled out and around the tire tread campaign will cover adhesive tape throughout the tire tread;

tyre wrapping machine with the existing auto stretch wrapping

[0033] Shape 4 reveals, the exterior connecting signifies 5 comprises two symmetrically set up arm 22, the left arm 22 through a shaft linked to the upper stop in the I structure, the arm 22 is coupled to the budget of owner 23, two the swing left arm 23 relative to the owner 23 can be push in shape, instrument 23 is supplied with three guideline lines, all the guide lines 24 are respectively fitted a baffle plate 25 is bonded or home heating, the home heating dish 24 and also the stop dish tyre packaging machine is bonded with the spring season 26 linked to the bottom part of the information groove, the warming plate 24 is over the duration of the adhesive page 25, each holder 23 is equipped with two heating the sticky platter 25 is likewise installed on the blade blade 27 minimize , shearing blade 27 is located between two heated sticky dish 25, two turret 23 is found in accordance with the place of laminated wheel deal device 3 crossbar 16 top position towards the bottom.

[0034] Shape 5-6, the flanging system 6 comprises two symmetrically disposed installing program 28, mounting program 28 through the screw 29 is placed on the vertical weightlifting wheel shipping system base 9, two mounting systems 28 are indicates by two parallel vertical deliver tire for both ends of your chain 11, installation system 28 is attached to the auxiliary support 30, the heart bracket 30 is attached auxiliary information shaft 31, the guide shaft 31 is attached to the information shaft 31 down the slipping bracket of tyre wrapping machine , the slide holder 32 is provided having a plurality of manual shaft 31 with outwardly diverging guideline groove 33, the auxiliary frame 30 and the guideline groove 33 corresponding to the place of pin 34 is installed, the manual groove 33 is installed down the guide groove movements in the sliding obstruct 33, the movable prevent 35 is installed on the energetic handle, the productive lever 35 – finish of your movable prohibit with the shaft, the core of the lively lever 35 from a shaft 34 is attached to the strut, flanging system 6 mounted on the bottom 9 further consists of conveying product 10 situated on the underside from the enthusiast 36.

three of the information lines 33, the manual lines 33 for the information shaft 31, correspondingly, towards the 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock path of your wheel in to the productive handle 35 at the lively handle 35 is divided right into a ‘and two movable rod 35 “, a movable rod 35’ with the shaft with two movable rod 35” relationship, a movable rod 35 ‘wave swept the top dish 37 is put in, two movable rod 35 “along with the strut 34 along with a movable obstruct, linking indicates with the remainder place of your routines of your interconnection rod 35 in a similar manner; the rest of the jobs in the movable rod 35 can also be attached to the auxiliary lively handle 38, the productive lever 35 can also be coupled to the top rated plate 37 has influx sweep, the secondary movable rod 38 – conclusion plate 37 and influx capturing from the shaft hooking up the auxiliary movable rod 38 with the shaft and also the opposite end connected to pin 34, pin 34, the movable rod 35, the auxiliary movable rod 38, the influx sweep plate 37 is formed parallelogram railing agencies, waves sweep area dish 37 has a brush.