upender materials across the load package

6 A upender machine immediately flip flick strategy comprising the actions of: Step One, the start of detected impulses into the transmitting carrier; Stage two, the travel indicates works in the initially carry car into orbit the securing device stops; Move a few, open the cylinder element, hit and maintain lower the level of the vehicle; Step 4, the upender machine change, flip to finish the desired vehicle; Step 5, the lifting cylinder lock work module, The 2nd exchange car into orbit; Step 6, the provider transported by rail from the exchange from the 2nd flip machine, go to the up coming method.

According to claim 6, wherein, [7] The machine automatically flip flip method: in step one, by using a indicator find whether or not the automobile in to the flip side from the upender machine.

8 as an automatic reversing machine invert method according to claim 7, characterized in that: the generate signifies is actually a twice generate sequence.

9 as a method for automatic reversal of the reversing machine according to claim 6, characterized in that: the unit makes up two cylinders of your tube are respectively provided for both aspects of the top of the the initial transfer track.

According to claim 9, characterized in that, 10 as a method for automatically flip flip machine: the foremost and the 2nd conveyor keep track of for your interior conveyor monitor parallel to the upper and lower reversing machine two songs, the very first track of the very first transmitting two exchange orbit previously mentioned.

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Auto machine as well as its turn change approach

Technological industry

[0001] The current innovation concerns an automatic upender machines and upender strategies, in particular to some solid bearing ability and can turn and go instantly to attain two capabilities chosen models and auto flip flick method.

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