wrapping operation

As shown and embodied in FIG. Elastically recoverable material, which surrounds at least the leading portion of the lower portion of frame 38 and is preferably proximate to floor 48, although 6, the means for detecting a foreign object includes a fender 88, made of a strip of flexible. Fender 88 includes a next strip 90 which overlies a sensing system 92 such as a photocell or possibly a mechanical move which starts a circuit when fender 88, and therefore strip 90, is displaced relative to sensing product 92 and the remaining part of frame 38. Such displacement develops when fender 88 experiences an international object. As displayed in FIG. 7, when sensor 92 is opened up, it leads to the control 96 to avoid the motor-motivated drive wheel 74 from spinning by decreasing off of power to that motor 78 and quitting frame 38 from shifting alongside course 56.

According to the present invention, commutator means supply current to a controller on the frame means for controlling electrical components on the frame means. As displayed in FIG. 1, commutator implies features a commutator 94 experiencing its stator coupled to the conductors of a power cord 95. The rotor of commutator 94 rotates with frame 38 which is connected to control 96 in control panel 98 which can be mounted on frame 38 in easy achieve of any owner for development the manage pattern of stretch out wrapping system 20.

The advantage of using commutator 94 for supplying current to a controller on frame 38 rather than having a controller on support 43 is that the commutator need only provide a single line of current rather than many lines to provide various control signals for controlling various electrical components mounted on the frame 38.

The electrical components controlled by the controller include a controller for selectively operating the drive means, according to the present invention. For purposes of protection, the controller preferably would have a hold off sequence for starting up the motor to the drive wheel after a time hold off so the owner can take a step back from your wrapping region. The motor and reducer 78 would be designed to cease following predetermined number of wraps around load 22. The wrap stress could then be removed from the wrapping place plus a new load to become wrapped could possibly be placed into the wrapping area.

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